Let Go

Do you have a word for the year? A mantra that will bring you back to center and aligns your goals and dreams?

Is there a word or group of words that resonate with you?

I think my word(s) are Let Go. I want to let go this year of clutter, frustration, control, my need to be right, and my need to have a plan for everything. I want to just go with the flow and adapt to every moment that comes my way.

I loved the new Frozen movie and have my theme song, “Let it go.”

Yep, that’ll be my theme for this year.

What will yours be?

Right now I’m hoping to let go of this nasty bug that has taken over my body. Three days of doing nothing but laying down. I have no choice and I’ve let go of all plans and hopes this week. I sure hope I’m ready to go again tomorrow. Geez. This being sick thing is not for me.

Thank you for all the kindness shared via emails, texts, food, medicine, rides for my kids. Thanks to my husband for taking care of the kids and making me tea and bringing me medicine. I love our community and am so thankful for your love and support. xoxo

From Charlie

From Juliana

From Lisa, Julie and April. Dinner and meds and dessert.

Kate, Ling, and April, thank you for the rides for my kids.

Thank you for lifting me up and supporting my family. Life is good. I am blessed and am going to be well tomorrow. Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for healing. xo




This is my word for the new year. Actually it came from my husband. We were sitting at the Rose Bowl today and he thanked me for coming on this crazy journey with him. We both like to play with words and this became our new one. Is it even a real word?

We are both enjoying this life journey together. We are somewhat adventurous and both share different ideas of what fun looks like, and tend to follow one another. Today was such a day. Jeff had the idea of going to the 100th anniversary of the Rose Bowl. I had never been before and love shared family experiences. I was in.

And so we shared the co-journey together. With the kids and my dad and my brother. We met up with friends and enjoyed tailgating together in the Pasadena sunshine.

We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day. And even though Stanford lost to Michigan State, the journey and shared experience were still amazing.

I wonder where the next journey will take us. I have a few ideas already mapped out for me and my cojourners.

What is your word of the year?