I love women.

I love how women take care of each other.

I love how we care for kids and build community.

I love women who love their families.

I love how empathetic we are to each other and how we can really feel each other’s joys and pains.

I love how smart we are.

I love our beauty and how we admire each other.

I love our strength and how we endure pain.

I love how we help one another.

I love how we offer to bring meals, to pray, to visit, to call and text, when one of us is suffering.

I love when women are filled with grace, especially when we are hurt and we give up our need for control and accept what is.

I love that we love.

I love women, especially the women in my life who embody these truths.

Thank you for being wonderful you.

Carry on BeLoveD Warrior Women!





I love women.

I love how we lift each other up and support one another.

I love how we laugh and cry together and just understand.

I love how we celebrate each other and see the good.

I love how we learn from each other and are role models for one another.

I love how we share our babies, our stories, our fears and our struggles, and our friendship.

I love how we get together to exercise, eat, drink, party, cook, work, shop and play together.

I love how we text and chat and share photos and jokes and laughs and advice and fat stories!

I love how our lives are intertwined and how we are rooted together, both near and far, through our common values and goals.

Love you girlfriends! You inspire me. Thank you for being you. Keep up the good work! xo