The Power Of Women

Today I am thankful for all the women in my life.  I love the men too. It’s just the women that give me energy.

I started off my day with coffee and chatting with a group of women who gathered to share parenting stories. I learned so much from them and didn’t want the hour to end. There is power when women gather, acknowledge one another, and lift each other up. The art of communication and sharing is a gift to each of us.

I spent the afternoon with a dear friend who recently had surgery. Usually she is working and we don’t have as much time to share. Today I was oddly thankful that we are both injured and had time to recover, together. Our routines have been shaken up. I don’t want us to have to experience pain, but somehow there was a joy in this new space and knowing that we are growing old together. We understand each other. It’s ok to be in pain. It’s ok to not be able to do what we usually do, and we’re doing it together.

I came home to rest for awhile before picking up kids, and had a conversation with my mama. She’s fighting a nasty cold and has a cast on her broken hand. She didn’t even know she had two broken bones and carried on for a week before going in for x-rays.  She’s my hero. When you’re a mama, you still have work to do, even with a cough and swollen hand. You just keep doing your best and try to rest, and you patiently wait to feel normal again.  I was thankful that she understands me and I understand her. I loved sharing a virtual cup of tea together over the phone.

I got to talk with both my sisters today too. Even though we don’t live close to each other, knowing how they’re doing and hearing about their loves and challenges and sharing our joys and struggles makes me feel connected and loved.  I love these two souls and am so thankful my mama gave me sisters.

There were emails and texts and phone calls today that made me smile. The power of women. The power of connection. The power of taking care of each other. The power of listening to one another and being a witness to this wonderful, chaotic, crazy life and navigating it together.

Be love. Be loving. BeLoveRs.

xo  with gratitude for being wonderful you xo

Living in the Moment

Do you do this? How do you do it? What does it look like?

I think living in the moment means being present, and creating space and allowing time to do what you love and not being too busy or too tired and just doing what you love.

What do you love and are you giving yourself enough time to enjoy your moments? Sometimes this means work and I’m pretty sure it’s always worth it, if we can just push past or through the excuses, fears and doubts.

What I love the most in life are my relationships with my BFFs and my family.

One example of living in the moment came tonight when one of my international BFFs from 18 years ago was passing through town this weekend. I thought she was coming to town next weekend but she was actually in town this weekend!! The last time we saw each other was 6 years ago, and even though so much time passes by, we still just pick up where we leave off.

Instead of being too tired or busy, we made the time to see each other after I flew back from Laguna Beach. I was thankful that she chose to connect with me, with her full schedule and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see her face again and to give her a hug. We made it work and shared a family meal together and for this moment, I am thankful. Love you KG!


Laguna Beach Volleyball Weekend

We are 16+ volleyball moms and 12 of us are spending the weekend together with no drama. The group has been meeting weekly for ten years, with some old timers and some newer members. It’s really cool to see all the connections and to share and learn from one another in a fun environment, united by our love for outdoor volleyball. The oldest child of our group is 23 and the youngest is 9. We are good together.

Every so often we take a weekend trip together to play at a beach instead of our weekly grassy playing field in the park.


This weekend we are enjoying Laguna Beach together. We have had so much fun playing volleyball, bodysurfing, snorkeling, playing games, sharing food and drink, going for walks, laughing and enjoying the sun and surf.

Women friends are priceless and I am thankful for the relationships we share.

Life is good.