What Simple Thing Made You Happy Today?

Have you heard of Google Express?  GE made me very happy today.

For some reason, I was up at 5:30 am and began planning my day. I keep a little planner in our kitchen to highlight kid events and times and there is a section for the grocery list, where the kids and I can jot notes of what we need and when we run out.

I was transferring the paper list to my NOTES list on my phone, when I decided to go online and place an online order for the bulk items. Google Express allows you to pay an annual fee and then someone else runs your errands for you and delivers the goods to your door for “free.”  I love that I can go online at 6 am, and pick a delivery window between 1 and 5 pm the same day and never have to leave the house. I love that someone else does the gathering from store to store for non-perishable goods, stands in line, pays, moves the goods to a car, and then back out of the car and to my porch. I don’t have to spend time doing this chore and I LOVE having the gift of time back. I also love that I am spending less money by not being tempted by the aisle displays and holiday decor and new snack items that are being offered. I am just shopping for what is on my list, which is hard for me to do once I enter the store.

I was able to get a workout in, shower and blow dry my hair and get dressed today. I had a board meeting and ran an errand before heading home. When I got home, my delivery was waiting for me and I unloaded everything before running out again.

I am thankful that Google Express gives me “one less errand to run” and gives me my time back.

Thank you Google Express – and no, I am not paid to endorse anyone.  I am a happy customer!

What simple thing made you happy today?


Luckily my feelings of being anxious and lost went away today. That didn’t take long. I think it’s important to feel what we feel and to acknowledge the bad feelings too so that we can realize and process them and let them go as fast as possible because who wants to be anxious and lost?  That is never my intention but sometimes life just is and that’s okay too.  

I found my happiness at midnight and throughout the day, when I received a message from Juliana that she had landed safely.  I could finally sleep but I kept waking up wondering if she had texted again and how she was doing.


I found happiness by volunteering with my PEO group and admiring the sunshine and natural beauty of the Redwood trees in Portola Valley. I enjoyed spending time with women and sharing lunch together.


Isn’t this the most beautiful and peaceful place? I want to come back here again.

I felt alive again and cleaned my house and got things organized for the weekend. It really makes me happy when clutter is gone and my space is neat. Seriously, it’s the simple things that make me happy.

Juliana FaceTimed with me when she woke up and SnapChatted throughout the afternoon. I was so giddy to see her face and to hear her voice!!


My sisters both called today and we had time to catch up and I got to talk with my mom too. Since they don’t live close by, I was thankful for our cell phones and time to connect because I love them and need them! 

Jeff came home from work and the boys both had events, so we went out to dinner together, which was a great way to the end the day and crazy week with my best friend.

Found my happiness again.  

Life is good.  Thank you for sharing this life journey together. Have a wonderful weekend, filled with time for you, time to relax, time to exercise, and time to just be.

nAMaste BeLoveRs!