Wedding on a Golf Course


California is such a big place. Yesterday we were celebrating a wedding on the beach in Santa Cruz and today we drove 3 hours to Auburn, to celebrate another family union on a beautiful golf course under a huge, old, oak tree.

I loved seeing more of my cousins and my aunts tonight and being a witness to love. I am a big sap and love wedding vows and all they stand for. I love that family and friends came together to be part of something wonderful.

The wedding ceremony was one of the shortest I’ve heard in a long time. Short but sweet.

We went inside the reception hall and had drinks and fruit while we waited for the wedding party to take pictures. The DJ announced the wedding party as they came in the hall and everyone cheered for them. Then a dinner buffet was served and table by table was excused to go through the dinner line to fill their plates with BBQ chicken, beef, corn on the cobb, pasta, Caesar salad and rolls.

Toasts were shared by the wedding party, honoring their relationships with the bride and groom. Next came the first dance and honorary dances with loved ones that made me cry.

In between we snuck away to take pictures in the photo booth.

Feels like we just did this!! Oh yeah, we did! But fun, nevertheless.

Cake was served and more dancing fun happened. And then it was time for hugs and goodbyes and dreams of getting together again sooner than later.

Another full day is done. I’d say it was a good one!


Wedding on the Beach

We celebrated a family wedding tonight on the beach in Santa Cruz. It was really nice to see some of my aunts and uncles and cousins, as well as my parents. Plus, I had the added bonus of a date night. Tonight was one of those perks of repatriation and being back home again. I don’t have to miss out on family events and that feels really good.
I liked hearing the wedding vows and watching two people in love. I liked hearing the waves crash on the beach and hearing the seagulls and sea lions roaring.

Dancing with my family was a highlight of the evening. I also especially loved the photo booth and being silly. Those things just make me laugh and I kept finding different people to take pictures with me.

Congratulations to Denice and Jeff!

Life is beautiful.

Day 33: Enjoying Family


We are in my home town of Thousand Oaks this week to be with family.

Yesterday, Jeff and I and the kids drove down to be here for my cousin’s wedding today.

The good thing is that we dropped the kids off with their cousins and Aunties and Oma and Opa and then we got to sneak away for a night alone for our anniversary. The kids were happy and we enjoyed the respite, even if it was just for a night!
Breakfast at the Westlake Village Inn

And then today we celebrated my parents 44th anniversary and my cousin Dani’s wedding in Malibu on the beach! The weather was perfect – not too hot and not too cold.

We all had fun together, just being a family. I’m glad we took the time to drive down even with our crazy schedule.