Isn’t that a fun word?  

It has a great ring to it and is fun to say out loud.

I love to swirl through crowds and to swirl my hair. I love swirling around my kitchen and through my house.  I love it when Jeff comes up and quickly surprises me and swirls me around. Some days there is so much stuff in my head that it gets all swirled together and I feel like my head is spinning.  But in a good sort of way.  

Tonight I was at Juliana’s evening water polo game and captured this fun, swirling image after their exciting win:

What’s swirling around in your head this week?  I hope you enjoy the spin and wherever it takes you.


Water Play

Watching her play makes me so very happy. I love being on the pool deck, seeing the water splash, listening to the whistles, watching the action and witnessing the changing light show in the sky. If I can’t be at the beach, then this is the second best place to be. 

 Seeing her work hard and to get the hang of this challenging sport makes me very happy. I love that she’s enjoying her experience and that I am able to be a witness.

Life is good.

Something New


Today we experienced something new.

We went to our first ever water polo match. The USA played against Serbia at Stanford, and unfortunately lost. I happen to follow Stanford Athletics on Facebook and learned about the timing of this match through social media.

Christian has expressed interest in possibly playing next year and we thought it would be great for him to see a live event.

I was amazed at how fast and how strong the players were, and how they were able to propel themselves half way out of the water and still be able to throw or pass the ball. It is a very physical sport too! I know, I’m new. I was just in awe and loved watching the entire match, even though it was nearly 100 degrees out. Luckily we found seats in the last row in the shade, otherwise watching the game in the sizzling sun would not have been enjoyable or bearable at all.

I was thankful to spend the day with my family, discovering something new together. Juliana came home considering playing one day too. They gave out miniature little water polo balls and Charlie took one with him on a walk this evening, mimicking the arm movements that he witnessed in the pool today. So cool to watch and who knows, maybe today will be a spark, or perhaps it’ll just be another way for us to spend time as a family watching and enjoying a new sporting event.

Life is good. Live it up.