Day 337: Waiting and Awaiting

Juliana and I are waiting at the Paris Gare Du Nord train station. We are waiting to return to Amsterdam and it made me think about how much time we spend waiting and awaiting something else to come, to happen, to arrive. I kind of like that anticipation feeling, when its something good. I don’t mind waiting for the train because I’m anticipating the joy of seeing my boys again. I’m enjoying the stillness, sitting and reflecting on the fun and memorable experience Juliana and I just shared, smiling at the snapshots on my iPhone.

As I wait and and have time to think, I’m anticipating our last trip to see Nate and Becky in London before the packing chaos begins. We move home in less than 2 weeks and I’m giving myself 5 days to do all the finishing work that goes into this BIG transition. I plan to work during the day and play in the evenings. I’m getting excited to go back home and am anticipating all the hugs and kisses to be shared with those I haven’t hugged or kissed in almost a year! I can hardly WAIT!!

What are you waiting for and/or anticipating? I hope it’s something good.

Here is a snapshot from our last day in Paris today. We were lucky as we were awaiting rain that never came.

Life is good. xxoo