(Pop)Corn on the Cob

We stayed home for Christmas and are practicing the art of not having a schedule, which really tests my patience. My family loves it, but for me it’s really uncomfortable to not have a plan. I do find joy in that the day lasts so long doing “nothing.”  At 5 pm tonight, my day was full of nothingness and I was ready for bed.  Not really. But it felt like it. 

I did enjoy watching Christian pop his Christmas corn on the cob in the microwave and seeing some of the popped kernels still attached to the cob. Juliana wanted to eat it right from the ear.

I enjoyed the spontaneous moments and a morning hike with friends.  Jeff went to the store and planned and made dinner which made me very happy. He also did rounds of dishes today, so I didn’t feel like I was the only one cleaning up after everyone. The kids all helped with chores too, so this made the day at home much more enjoyable.

We had appetizers together and read and watched a family movie, among other things. I think it’s been good for our souls to not be over scheduled and committed and to just flow. We are actually relaxing! What a concept.

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday break too.


6 Weeks

We are already into our 6th week of summer vacation and I’m already getting anxious thinking about it being over. 

I really love summer vacation and it takes me awhile to unwind and let go.

Today I am still feeling jet lagged and so I did a little less and relaxed and it felt so good.

I tried to not have a plan and let the day unfold without a schedule and boy did that feel great and turned our remarkably fulfilling. Here’s what an unstructured day looked like.

I slept in and played with the kittens. J stopped by for a cup of tea and drove with me to drop CJ off at his practice.

We came back and played SpikeBall with the other kids in the front yard and got such a kick out of it.

I cooked lunch and did some paper work and then took the kids and friends to the pool to cool off and play.  The kids were so happy playing and he moms chatting that no one wanted to leave and we stayed an extra hour.

The only plans we had was dinner with our friends and that was spectacular!

What a perfectly, unplanned and unscheduled, fulfilling day just living in the moment.

I love summer!