God Bless You

I saw this on a license plate frame on a car parked next to mine in the parking lot, after returning from an ornament exchange party tonight. It made me think about the expression and what it means and why we say it.

God bless you.

It’s kind of like, “Hello, how are you?” and “Namaste.”

It’s kind of like a receipt of acknowledgement of our presence and seeing the good in one another.

It’s a beautiful expression.

I think that God is Love – One Love, whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Buddhist, Black, White, Asian, Mexican, male or female. We are One Love, collectively, and maybe that can be our shared belief that changes and connects our hurting world. 

What we see, is what we create. See love. Acknowledge it in yourself and others and change the world through the power of one. You!

God Bless You, for being you, exactly as you are, BeLoveRs. You are beautiful.




Today I read a post on Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg that caught my interest.

He and his wife are expecting their first baby and he is planning on taking two months off from work to be with his child. I cheered out loud! Yes!!  Yes!! Yes!!

He stated that this is a personal decision and that research shows that when working parents take time to be with their newborns, outcomes are better for the children and families. 

Imagine that?  When parents, especially dads, decide to invest their time in family bonding and learning and growing together from the very beginning, the outcomes are better.  Isn’t that a great plan? I love that he’s able to and is making his family a priority.

Facebook offers their US employees up to 4 months of paid maternity or paternity leave which they can take throughout the year.  I hope that he is a leader in corporate America and that other companies follow his lead.

Tonight Juliana and I were walking in Campbell and we saw a big, hunky guy sitting outside Starbucks by himself, except he was pushing a stroller back and forth. This made us both smile and warmed my heart. I loved this picture of a good looking guy, relaxing and pushing a stroller. This was another great image to me. I hope this guy becomes a role model for other men.

I think Mark’s story and seeing the guy with the stroller touched me because I love that men are caring about their wives and children this way. It makes me feel like they are interested in building their family foundation and legacy and this is valuable to me and to American society.

I love this way of thinking. Cheers to participative fathers!  

One love.