Having Fun Just Because We Can

I had to take Juliana to an appointment today and as we were leaving I noticed this fun sculpture and asked J if she wanted to play on it. 

Her initial reaction was, “right now?” and of course I said, “yes, it’s not like we’re coming back here tomorrow and the moment is now. It’s right in front of us and looks like fun.  Are you in?”

She didn’t hesitate for long and humored me for a little minute.  


I love this kid in so many ways and love that she’ll still play with me. I loved the sculpture and the trees and the lighting too. 

On to another subject, we had our first successful pasta night and I loved it. I loved having all the kids together and all the parents too.  I loved that everyone brought something to share, especially fresh tulips.  Thank you friends for sharing the night with me and for the wine and goodies.  I love this!!

Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!  NamASTE. 

Spring Tea Party

Today was a beautiful day.

Jeff helped me get the kids ready and out the door so I could finish preparing the house for guests. He helped me move the table and chairs and then I was ready for the finishing touches. I love when the house is decluttered and organized and beautiful.

I love for the house to feel warm and cozy. I lit candles and baked everyone’s favorite cinnamon coffee cake so the whole house would smell inviting.

If you want the recipe, here it is:


I know, so fancy and formal, right? I like to keep things simple and delicious!

Marcia brought over beautiful, bright yellow tulips and I got to bring out my new Delft blue vase that Jeff bought me before we moved. I absolutely adore this.

Thank you Marcia for the gorgeous flowers and for thinking of me!! I love tulips.

Everyone brought something to share and Elizabeth brought her little ones who made everyone smile. I love babies! We all had a great morning chatting and just being together.

Can’t wait to do this again next year!

Dutch themed party today made me feel connected to my warm and loving Dutch friends. Miss you still girls!! Life is good!

Day 284: Keukenhof – The World’s Largest Flower Garden


Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is the world’s largest flower garden. It is situated near Lisse, Netherlands. Over 7,000,000 bulbs are planted each year.

Today was a warm and sunny day and perfect for wandering the fields with Rob and Wendy and their two dogs. We all had a great time taking pictures, enjoying the floral scents that filled the air, listening to live music and enjoying our time together. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from this beautiful place.













Mama and Pops – I wish you were here with me today! You would have loved it.

Happy Liberation Day! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Day 272: The King is Coming

I am so happy to be living in Holland right now. The sun is shining again, the weather is warming up, and there is excitement in the air.

We get to be part of something big! Everyone is making plans and preparing for Queens Day and the coronation of (our) new king. It’s strange to say “our”, since even though we are legal residents of the Netherlands, it feels like theirs and not ours. Nevertheless, we get to enjoy and celebrate along with the locals and I am excited.

The stores are filled with orange decorations and paraphernalia everywhere you go. People are sharing ideas of how and where and when to celebrate and telling us what we need to do. On Monday, our school will have celebrations in honor of the new king and the school will be closed on Tuesday to celebrate Queens Day.

Today during our Dutch class, the teacher told us to look out the window and look at what was happening down in the court yard.

The people had been working on a brick mosaic in the city center honoring the new king. This year the Queen was supposed to come to our city of Amstelveen to celebrate her special day. Instead, the coronation of her son will be happening in Dam square in Amsterdam. Today there were photos of several people vacuuming the Dam Square, preparing for the royal family’s arrival. The buildings are decorated with banners in the colors of the Dutch flag and orange is everywhere. I can’t wait!! The anticipation is building.

I love Holland!




Paying Attention

Tulips, Wooden Shoes, Hagel Slag?

These are the tulips I noticed on my walk in the neighborhood on the rainy weekend. I seem to be noticing things much more vividly lately – things I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to like getting gas for my car, driving the kids to school, running into friends on the playground – you know, the normal stuff you just do… Dropping in at Trader Joe’s, eating ice cream, cold baseball games, the rain… what’s going on? I’m slowing down and paying attention to my routines and am hyper aware that they will soon change. I like this awareness thing – I like noticing and being present and in the moment – seeing  and feeling the rain and playing in it vs. running inside to stay dry. And letting the kids play outside, letting kids be kids. And when the time changed last week, I let them stay outside longer than I normally would so they can shoot hoops after dinner instead of rushing through the normal nightly routine.  It’s good to slow down and pay attention and to enjoy what is. Life is good.