I’m loving my newest fitness gadget that tells me how many steps I’ve taken per day and sets a goal for me to meet. I met my goal of 10,000+ for the day.

Elizabeth and Reid both seemed excited about theirs and were monitoring and measuring their workouts and talking about their 10,000 steps. I was curious and decided to check it out. I think I’m hooked.

I like having goals and seeing a number makes me accountable, if I’m paying attention.

Yesterday I chose to walk a bit longer on the beach because I wanted to meet my goal. When we came home and I still had a couple thousand more steps to go, instead of making a cup of coffee, we walked to the coffee shop. I scored more than 15,000 steps, just being more mindful and choosing to keep moving. Love this!!

Today I wore it to the gym for my TRX class and was surprised how little movement was actually created in 45 minutes. Knowing this, I chose to get on the stair master later in the afternoon to “catch up.” I am motivated.

It can measure your food intake, your weight, your exercise, your mood and even your sleep. Who knows what else it can do?

The first night I thought it just measured the hours of sleep from the time you set it until you woke up and turned it off. Actually, that’s because I turned it on and set it next to my bed. Last night I actually wore it, and the crazy thing measured my minutes of sleep and minutes of restlessness and actually showed me when I was restless. I think that’s pretty cool. I wonder if there will be any patterns and now I need to set some sleep goals, like maybe get to bed at a decent hour. I’m hooked.

Ok, one more cool thing before I sound like an infomercial, the little fitbit fits in your pocket, on a strap or even has a little wrist sleeve. The data it captures can sync with your phone and your computer and keep track of your progress.

I love cool, fun, technology. Now I hope it helps me get and stay fit.

Here’s a link to learn more:

GGG – Day 4 – Your Favorite Form of Exercise

Gratitude Gift Giving Day 4 – What is your favorite form of exercise? What makes you feel alive after you’re done and gives you energy even when you’re exhausted from it?

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it. – Plato

I love exercise, but I don’t think of it like work. I love to be moving, trying new things, being outside, on the water, in a gym, alone and with friends. It’s hard to pick just which form is my favorite because I have many.

Today I was thankful for the TRX class with Julie again. TRX Suspension Training was developed by the US Navy Seals and includes straps that you “hang from” to do all kinds of resistance training exercises that kick your booty. The class helps to develop strength, balance, flexibility, movement and stability. It works all your core muscles using your own weight as resistance and it’s very challenging. I’m hoping it will help with improving my tennis game and just help me to get stronger in general. I like the feeling of being aware of my muscles, which means they are sore and hopefully improving.

After our TRX class, there was a dance class waiting to come into the gym. Julie was brilliant and suggested we stay for that too. I think she just wanted to get out of doing laundry and chores! But I was game!! She suggested we stay for half of it, but we loved it so much we stayed for the entire class and danced and laughed and just had the best morning ever. The class was called U-Jam Fitness, and it was a mix of music from around the world including Bollywood to Hip-Hop to athletic cardio dance. There was so much energy in the room, mostly from the regulars that must attend all the time because they seemed to know what they were doing. I, on the other hand, felt like I had two left feet, but I did it anyway, trying to watch the instructor and to keep up. It felt so good to dance like a wild one, and to the point where I couldn’t raise my arms anymore or squat any lower! I can’t wait to go again next week for some more “abuse.”

So today I’m thankful for TRX and U-Jam Fitness Dance classes in the gym with Julie. And I’m counting on enjoying some yoga, tennis, and perhaps volleyball and kettle bells the rest of the week. Life is good. Go out and “play!”



What’s your favorite form of exercise?

How often do you work out? And for how long? Do you make exercise a priority?

Some people I know exercise every day. Others, not at all. And some just sometimes. Are all sets happy? Yes, I think so. It makes me curious why some people feel like they HAVE to exercise, some don’t want to at all and others are happy either way.

I love exercise just because I love it. I am happy whether I do or don’t and don’t feel like I have to exercise to be happy. The opposite is true for others and I find this fascinating.

I choose to exercise because I enjoy the social and fitness aspects of it. I do a mix of group and individual sports and am happier when I’m working out with friends and sharing that social component. I learn so much from my friends and feel like when we’re exercising and chatting, we’re sharing an experience and time together, and are figuring life out and it makes it all a little sweeter.

Why do you workout? What do you do? Do you switch things up or stick to one or two things?

Today I ran 3 miles alone and then later walked with a friend. Yesterday I did a power yoga group class and tomorrow I will play tennis with friends. All of these forms make me happy. I feel like I exercise because it’s the right thing to do and I want to stay fit, strong and healthy, and to be a good role model to my kids. I don’t think I lose any weight from working out, but maybe that’s more because my eating habits are out of whack! I’m working on those too, but that story is for another post.

Good night. xx