Surprise Visit

My friends from Holland happened to be in the Bay Area this week. I knew they were in town through our kids, as they were sending each other snap chat stories, Instagram updates and iMessage texts. I love social media and how it makes our world a little more connected and smaller after all. 

I was busy working when I received a Facebook Messenger notification from their mama, telling me she was at the Winchester  Mysyery House, 15 minutes away. I knew I had to see her somehow.

They decided to pop in to our house for a quick hug and cup of coffee before continuing on with their vacation. 

I was so happy to see them here in my space and to hear what they liked about an American house, just like the movies! They liked the squirrel running across the backyard fence and noticed the basketball hoop in the driveway. They liked seeing the garbage truck drive by and our little row houses in the neighborhood.

I just loved having them sit on my couch, near the Christmas tree and sharing stories and laughter once again. It felt just like it did back in Holland and was a gezellig little visit, just much too short.

I hope we get to see them again before they head back home. The kids were so sad to not be home for their quick visit.

Thank you Jessurun’s for taking the time to stop by! We miss your family and you made my day. Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey around the West Coast.


One Light

Tonight Charlie was at a friend’s house as they were preparing for the first night of Hanukkah. He had been with this family for almost 24 hours, as he had a birthday party and sleepover there the night before and never left.  I love how kids can just play all day. He wanted to be sure he didn’t leave until they had passed the 24 hour mark of togetherness and until the jelly donuts were ready.

You see, my friend began making homemade sufganiyot, the deep-fried Israeli delicacies, first thing in the morning and they were just going into the fryer late in the afternoon, and she had promised Charlie one before he left. I watched the perfectly plump rounds of dough turn golden brown and then cooled, while she piped strawberry jelly into their middles and then sprinkled them with powdered sugar. They were little delicious miracles.


She called for the kids to come into the kitchen and Charlie came out to enjoy this Jewish tradition with his Santa hat on top of his head. I wished I would have taken a picture to capture the sweet innocence and yin and yang of this moment. Her and I both laughed, as we saw the same thing and appreciated the sharing of our traditions, together.

Happy Hanukah. Wishing you love and light.