Tree Pose

If you were a tree, which one would you be?



Alive and Thriving


Leaning to the Left


Hanging in There


I love trees and I love being outside. Thanks to my sister Tricia for suggesting my blog topic for tonight. Do you know how hard it is to think of a new idea to write about every night? Thank you sister!

Life is good and busy.

How was your day?


Finding Joy – Version 2 or 3


I find joy everywhere, even when I’m mad, although anger slows me down from finding peace. Duh, right? I try to move past what ever frustrates me as quickly as possible because I’d rather be open to the next BIG (little) thing that comes my way and enjoy the moment versus missing it because I’m too uptight about what ever thing didn’t quite go the way I wanted it to.

Managing expectations. Accepting what is. Letting go. And flowing… ah, I can feel the joy returning! ūüėČ

Not that I was mad, but there was a moment or two today that didn’t quite go as planned. But guess what? I’ve learned the faster I can let go, the faster I can accept my reality, and be ok and joyful again. And the thing that was maddening today was a mixed up scheduling appointment that threw me off. No big deal, really, but frustrating anyway. I’ve got to work on being less rigid!! ¬†Phew… now that we got that out, I can share a couple joyful moments from today.

The sky was beautiful tonight and the light show spectacular! I tried to take a picture, but the phone lines and wires got in the way and my phone camera didn’t really do the artist justice. But it put me in a really good mood. I was on my way to pick up Juliana from her practice and I was admiring the fall colors all the way home. There are these gorgeous yellow ginkgo trees – I think that’s what they are called and they are the brightest yellow ever. Their leaves are starting to fall and are covering the ground in this beautiful blanket of yellow.

I have one favorite tree in a nearby park that I admire every year and watch it change from green to yellow to naked. We drove by on our way home to admire her beauty and to take some pictures and create some fun. The best part was that when I mentioned my favorite tree, Juliana knew exactly which one I was talking about. We got out to walk in the canopy of leaves and Juliana decided to climb up.


The sun had already set, so the lighting was a bit darker than I would have liked, but we had fun nevertheless. And as we began to enjoy the tree, a friend walked by with her dog and mentioned how much she loved that tree too. She offered to take our picture for us. I love this little community I live in and feel so happy being back home again. There is a comfort that comes from belonging to a place where people know your name. Thanks, Suszi! You made my day.


Where do you find joy? Do you find joy everyday? I’m curious.

(p.s. – this blog was written last night, but somehow didn’t get published and when I published what I thought was my final draft, it was actually an older draft. Hmm… I guess there was a mixup in space as I was writing from two platforms at the same time. I’m still learning… hope you enjoyed Finding Joy – version 2, which was really version 3!)


GGG – Day 18 – Change

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
Maya Angelou

Today is day 18 and I’m thinking about change. Change is not always comfortable, but it’s always happening, whether we like it or not.

I like to be aware of the changes that are happening in my life and hope that I’m learning to adapt quickly. ¬†Life is constantly changing and things don’t stay the same. Sounds so cliche, but it’s so true. And once we don’t expect things to stay the same, the happier we can be. We have to adapt to whatever comes our way, every damn day.

I wonder if that’s why I’m loving watching the trees every day. They are symbolic to life. I love watching how they change and I’m aware of their different states. I anticipate what will come next, even as I’m enjoying the present moment. Ahhh, trees. I like you.¬†¬†


Enjoying the end of the leaves

For those of us who have lost loved ones, this is probably the hardest change that we have to adapt to and probably takes the longest. Wishing you peace, especially to the Caselli family this week. Namaste.


California Beauties

Tonight I chose to walk to pick up Charlie from a friend’s house, instead of driving as I normally would. I wished I had the bakfiets to ride, but at least it should be here by the end of the month. Instead, we walked hand in hand through our neighborhood and ran into some friends along the way. The sun was shining in the tree tops and caught my attention. I absolutely love natural light and holding hands with my baby!

Charlie found these fresh eggs in his friend’s chicken coop and collected them to bring home for us. The figs were also from their yard. How lucky are we?

Another friend dropped off fresh tomatoes from her garden. I love that they share their bounty with our family.

Thank you Ling and Val! We love our gifts!

Life is good.

Day 77: Acceptance


The trees in front of our yard have changed and are filled with leaves and light. I love this view in the morning, and to think they were just bare a couple months ago. I like this change.

Now that we actually have committed to a house in Amstelveen, it feels more real, like now we’re really going. Not that we weren’t going before, but there was a mental shift and awareness that was good and a little uncomfortable. I guess that’s how it goes with any major change. There are layers, right? ¬†There was a news article written talking about the new offices in Holland ¬†– another layer. And the tax adviser that was hired, as well as the documents stating my husband’s new role and position in Europe – more layers of realness. I think we’re really moving. I know, I’m a little slow…even though I know, I really know. ¬†

Maybe that’s why I fill my days to the brim and over the top – so I don’t really have to think about the change. Hmm. ¬†There’s a lot to think about and do in just 77 days!!


The good news is that the kids are starting to internalize the change and are preparing on their own too, as evidenced by their conversation and artwork. Like they started arguing over which room they each were going to get and whether they would share or not and get bunk beds. ¬†Little C has been the most apprehensive, so seeing his art creation and hearing the story about how he was going to put this up in his room now and bring it with him to the new house made my eyes well up, but at least he didn’t see. I’m so proud of him and happy that he’s accepting the journey.


And my mini-me, I better remember to be a good role model. She likes to mimic me. So this week I’m working on a few things to be a better role model. I feel her watching and learning and growing up. ¬†We even went and got haircuts together at my salon today. I love her and all that she is becoming… just slow down time, please?