Home AgainĀ 

I love California and am happy to be home again.

I love the cool air coming through the open windows. 

I love the light and sunshine that radiates.

I loved sleeping in my own bed again and waking up to coffee already made when the timer went off.

I loved taking things slowly today, catching up with loads and loads of laundry and talking with friends and family.

I enjoyed easily knowing where to go to get groceries and bubble teas to make everyone happy.

I loved seeing the kids hanging out with their friends and being outside and bringing them snacks.

I love traveling and I love coming home and appreciate this wonderfully, perfectly,  imperfect life.

Life is good.

What I Love About Traveling

We are finally wrapping up our 10 day east coast traveling journey and I have time on the 6 hour flight home to reflect on what I love about traveling. 

Here are a few of my favorite things:

– seeing the world

– comparing and contrasting where we live with the places we visit

– visiting with family and friends we don’t get to see all the time and enjoying them in their homes

– learning together and making connections about our history and cultures and customs of the places we visit

– getting out of my comfort zone which makes me appreciate my comfort zone and the comfort of everyday life

– seeing how my family has learned to adapt quickly and can sleep anywhere

– enjoying local foods like Philly cheesesteaks, Maryland crab cakes, and New York bagels and pizza

– sharing experiences with my family

– watching my kids enjoy their experience and working together as a team to make decisions

– watching my son become our knowledgable leader 

– spending several days together engaged with one another as a team

– seeing my kids help one another to make each other comfortable

– making memories and sharing stories.

We all have a story to share and we learn from other’s stories and making connections. What do you love about traveling?

I am thankful for this last experience and for my family for sharing the journey together. Thank you to C and D and your families for hosting us for a couple of the days. Love y’all.

Life is good. 



What’s your favorite type of travel?

Do you like to travel by car? By plane? By boat?

When you go on vacation do you travel someplace new or do you tend to go to the same place every time?

Do you seek out something entertaining or educational or relaxing or maybe thrill seeking?

There are so many different types of travel. Sometimes I like to just think about that and all the possibilities.

We have traveled to so many places near and far, new and old.

What I’ve discovered is that I like to travel with my family and with friends or to visit friends where we create shared histories and connections. I love any vacation that includes time in the water, whether it be a pool, a lake, or the ocean. These are the most meaningful vacations to me.

This week we are visiting our family and friends in Chicago and Michigan. Everyone is having fun with the cousins and with the friends we consider family!

Life is good!