Season of Transition

October seems to begin the season of transition for us and I wonder if it’s just a coincidence or really true.

10 years ago today, Jeff’s mom passed away suddenly and shockingly at a young age.

3 years ago Dean and Lulu and Leo passed away, all tragically.

1 year ago Chase died before he could graduate from high school.

This weekend A passed away and it deeply troubled me. I just talked to her last week and was so happy that I took the time to not be in a hurry rushing here and there, and spent time talking to her and her husband as they walked past my house. I told them how much I enjoyed seeing them walk together over the years and that I looked forward to seeing them pass by, even when I didn’t stop to chat.  Now she’s gone and I’m really sad for J and the grief he is experiencing.

It’s a season of transition, in many ways. Water Polo will end this week and we’ll get more time back, at least for a little while. I’m working more hours now and learning how to transition and balance the juggling needs of a busy family, volunteer commitments and personal sanity. Tricia is too! And the holidays are coming, which I love and that also bring me anxiety!!  This year I’m going to focus on presence vs. presents. I told Charlie this when he kept interrupting me today to tell me about his Christmas list. What if we played like REI and took not only Black Friday off but the entire holiday madness off?  Bravo, REI – I’m liking your choice to put your money in alignment with your values.

There are also happy transitions this month like celebrating wedding anniversaries and birthdays, so some of this month’s transitions are good!  I like to focus on the positive, despite the bad, so I’ll end with this thought.

Wishing you love and peace through whatever transitions you’re experiencing and blessings to all the families transitioning through heartbreaking loss.