Shake It Off

I fell today.

It totally shocked me, as one of my biggest fears is falling.

I was busy cooking in the kitchen, and doing 6 things at once, when I noticed the pizza appetizer was ready. I turned quickly to turn the oven off, and one of the overstuffed and heavy, lower drawers had opened on it’s own, as it often does when not closed properly. It hit my ankles, right at the right level as to give me a karate chop and made me lose my balance. I tried to move away, backwards and the drawer hung on to my legs and opened further, making me tumble and fall. I didn’t want to fall on top of the drawer and break it, so I think I jumped up and fell even harder on my wrist, hip and bottom.  Ugh.

Did I mention I hate falling? Luckily I didn’t hit my head on the hard tile, but I think I knocked the door on the oven. I have a small kitchen and there isn’t that much space to fall gracefully. Ugh.

I am ok. I am sore, and embarrassed and mad at myself and sad too. I wanted to cry, but I think I was in shock and just laid on the floor for a minute to make sure nothing was broken.  And then I got up and said I was ok. I wanted to believe I was ok, so I just said I was and I thought I was so that hopefully I really was ok, but I am definitely sore and bruised, including my ego.

I had several errands to run, and my daughter told me to shake it off, and to not be mad, that accidents happen. In that moment, she was me. My words were coming out of her mouth. As we were driving her to her event, and I complained of the aches and pains, she was busy fumbling through the middle console, looking for my medicine bag at the same time I was getting ready to say that I needed something for the pain. She was thinking for me. I loved that. I have another life partner and I thanked her for her thoughtfulness and for being so caring and understanding. I love her.  I love that she’s growing up and is so kind and took care of me and my pain without me even asking. I am lucky.

I took her advice and shook it off. Hopefully tomorrow the pain will be gone.  There’s always something good in every situation and you just have to shake off the bad stuff and celebrate the good.

Slow down BeLovers. Be safe and take good care of yourselves.  And if for some reason you fall, or something else falls, just shake it off.



Everyone is so busy. We don’t have time because we are busy. Really?

I don’t buy that.  We create our own busyness and put up our own boundaries and definitions. Pa-lease! We are not really THAT busy. Yes, we are busy. But… there is always a but.

We create our own frameworks and our own ways of thinking. No one is really that busy that we don’t have time for joy. Think about it. Maybe the President is busy, but he still finds time to get to Hawaii, or to play with his dogs and kids. We’re not that busy. We’re just pretending to be and feeling really important.

What if we change our minds?

I was thinking about this today.  I was thinking about how we think and what we tell ourselves when we are alone.

What does your self talk sound like? Are you positively talking to yourself? Are you happy when you’re thinking? Are you thinking about finding and discovering joy in the little moments and minutes in between your busyness? Do you give yourself permission?

I do. I believe in the pursuit of happiness and being happy just because we can. Every day, even when we’re busy or sick or tired.  I think like that. Yes, I’m weird, but I’m pretty happy too because I choose to and want to be happy despite the chaos and craziness and imperfections of life. I want to fill in the cracks with joyspace. Yep, that’s what I’m calling it. I don’t know if it’s a word, but now it is. It’s mine and yours and we need to fill our joyspace in between our busy moments. It’s easy. You just have to be aware and to think about wanting to create and find joy when you have a little minute and then you surprisingly will. Trust me. It works. And it’s contagious. 🙂

I’ll share a few of my little moments of joyspace today while I was “so” busy.

I was shopping at Ranch 99 for stuff to make an Indonesian dinner tonight and this store is so fascinating. Look at the strange crackers I found…

These crab crackers were in the snack aisle…eeewe!  But they made me ponder and think how different we all are – from foods, to the way we spend our time, to the way we think and worship and play and all that good stuff. I couldn’t believe this was considered something yummy, but we all have different tastes and I found joy in appreciating this crab concept.

I also noticed the music that was playing while I was shopping. It wasn’t what you would typically hear in MUSAK – it was Chinese music and it was fitting and noticeably different and made me smile while I was shopping and weaving in and out of traffic… it’s very crowded in there!

When I came home with my groceries, I noticed all the different flowers blooming in my yard and felt the presence of spring!

It’s quickly approaching and made me smile.

Don’t forget to spring your clocks forward on Sunday!

First rose bud has bloomed.

I can’t wait for longer hours of sunshine to fill more joyspace.  I loved noticing the changes in the garden.

I chose today to cook a fun and messy dinner and to not worry or rush into doing the dishes.

Indonesian/ Chinese dinner just because…

The dishes are still sitting on the table, but I’ll get to them before I go to bed. Instead I filled the time helping Charlie with his math homework and laughing with Jeff at the dinner table with the kids. We made time for each other, even though we’re “so” busy. Everyone has time for 15 minutes together, even if we don’t think so.

So those are just some of the ways I found and created joys in between the busyness and chaos of life. It’s all how we look at it and choose to make time for joy.

How did you make time for joy today? What did your joyspace look like? I’m curious.


Wishing you peace and joy amidst your busyness! Namaste.