The Little Princess

Juliana and I had a double date to the theater with ML and J to see The Little Princess at the community theater.  I loved this for several reasons.

First, it brought back memories of when Juliana performed in Annie with her friend Rain.  Rain was a mentor to Juliana and inspired her to perform. I loved that Juliana loved performing and practicing night after night and loved seeing her on stage.  I also loved that she admired and loved Rain so much. I think it’s important for girls and women to admire and look up to other women.

Rain’s grandmother was the producer of the show and was the producer of the performance today as well. It was great to see her again too. She has a beautiful, sweet soul that shines and she was so happy to see Juliana. She told Juliana of an upcoming performance and I’m hoping that she’ll choose to tryout again. I love the theater and seeing the kids perform, sharing their talents.

I love sharing the arts with my kids too. Juliana and I got dressed up and brought flowers to give to our friends who were performing. We got to sit up close to center stage with our friends and enjoyed the show. I was in awe by the lead cast member who was only in 4th grade. She was so talented and poised and confident, with great timing!  

The last thing I loved about the show was the story line.  Kindness and grace and imagination helped the Little Princess deal with adversity and anger. It’s the little things in life…

Loved the day with my little princess… how was your day?




Behind the Scenes


Do you ever really think about all that happens behind the scenes? Like getting ready for Christmas? Preparing for finals or a a big presentation? Lots of work goes on to get things just right and ready.

Tonight I got to help out back stage during Juliana’s play. It was such a different perspective and I enjoyed watching the kids going on and off stage and into the green room. I liked seeing them transforming from one character to the next and I loved listening to them whisper to each other behind the scenes. This perspective helped me to appreciate how much work goes into creating a production.

Behind the scenes and waiting in the shadows.

Seeing things from behind.


Costume changes.

The End. Closed Curtain. Success!