The Red Plate

Everyone should get the red plate that says “You are special today.” A dog looking up at you and sharing some love is an extra special bonus, even for those of us who are not dog owners. And heck, I was pretty lucky to be enjoying a nice coffee klatsch with girlfriends this morning so I must therefore be special. Very important community building was occurring, as I’m sure you can tell. We have a very important job, I might add.

April got the Christmas Cookie plate at dinner last night, which made me smile, but a different kind of smile than the special red plate. I chuckled and laughed and was a slight bit embarrassed and wondered how she got stuck with the holiday plate. It had been hiding for quite awhile and we must have been running low on dishes to get to the bottom of the stack of ordinary dishes to offer the random Christmas tree cookie plate. I wonder if she felt special getting the magical cookie plate without a fortune written on it. I’ll just pretend that she did because she is pretty special too!

Both plates made me smile and I did allow myself to feel special for a little moment, you know because my fortune plate told me so and I’m a rule follower. 🙂

How did you feel special today? Anything exciting happen?