What’s your favorite form of water?

Isn’t that a weird question?

Think about how powerful and simple water is and how we can’t live without it. 

I love water in my Starbucks refillable cup, that I drink from all day long. I love that my kids want to share it, even though that’s kinda gross. I remember my mama always drinking water and how that was her favorite drink. It’s one of my top three too.

The ocean is my favorite body of water. I feel a longing to be near it and in it or on it. It provides comfort and peace, and joy and play. It makes me feel so small next to it. When I was young, I used to love tumbling in the waves.

How about a warm shower and the cleansing and relaxing feelings that wash over you?  Aaaaahhhh…isn’t that the best?

I love the sound of rain, especially when I’m inside. It’s raining today and California is in such a drought that I’m thankful for its presence.

What else?  Swimming in a pool. I love the feeling of being under the water and feeling weightless, held by the water and off my feet. I love how quiet it is and how there are no distractions.

I also like fountains and falls and the sound of trickling or gushing water. There’s something peaceful and majestic and simple about the sound of water. It’s also so powerful and can consume us and can be dangerous. I like that element too, that we have to respect its powers. Yin and yang.

And a still lake. Don’t you love those too?  I love the reflections of the sky on the mirrored surface of the still waters. I also love how when the water is still, you can see how a small disruption has a ripple effect.

These are a few of my favorites. Have you ever thought about water this way? What are your favorite water forms?  

Stress Relief

So being that we’re perfectly imperfect, what do you do to relieve stress?

Here are my top 11, in no particular order:

1. Swear! Yes, this is my weakness. So dirty and foul but it feels good to me and helps me to let things go.

2. Wine. I love a glass of white wine at night to unwind.

3. Friends. My friends give me comfort. I love being able to share my life with girlfriends in different circles and share our days.

4. Ocean. When I go to the ocean, I feel insignificant in a good way, meaning I feel so small compared to the big blue ocean. I love the ebb and flow of the waves, the sights and the smells.


5. Exercise. When I come out of a yoga class, or a singles tennis match, or a long hike, or a paddle on the ocean, I feel invigorated.

6. Cry. The release of tears let’s me let go of pain and stress that I hold inside. When the tears come, I let them flow. Tears are good. I just try to limit them.

7. Date. When I get time to date my husband, I feel happy. It’s the uninterrupted attention that I appreciate and the time dedicated to just the two of us that makes me feel centered.

8. Prayer. Sometimes life is a mystery and there are no answers. In these times and others, I pray to The Lord to show me the way. I say let Your will be done and show me the way. I surrender control and wait for His light to guide me. This is magical.

9. Clean. When I get stressed, I long for order and to remove the chaos of daily life. I start to clean and clean until order in my house is restored and I can think and focus again.

10. Social media. I play mindless games, read Facebook Status updates and blogs, check Instagram and Pinterest and get lost in my non-reality world. It occupies my mind and I don’t have to think or do.

11. Writing. Writing has always been an outlet for me. I used to write in journals. Now I write this daily blog and it’s cathartic. I love the medium and creating something new everyday, focusing on gratitude along the way.

Stay happy and stress free my BeLoveRs.

xo Adriana

Pismo Beach

Where is your favorite place to be?

My favorite place is to be near the ocean. Any ocean. I love the sights, sounds, smell, feel, the lighting, and constant movement.

I got up early this morning and ran above the cliffs in Shell Beach through the fog, and then continued my run on the sand at Pismo Beach in the morning sunshine.

I saw surfers and dog walkers, runners and couples strolling.

There was even a man searching for lost treasures with his metal detector. I loved starting my day on the beach bright and early.


My sisters and nieces and my mama came up from Southern California today to spend the day all together.

We walked around San Luis Obispo and had lunch downtown before heading back to the beach. Everyone loves the beach once we get there. I think it’s because the beach is magical!

We checked out the butterflies again and then walked over the dunes to the beach, where we played volleyball, collected sand dollars and ran in the water. Watching the kids enjoy the beach made me incredibly happy. I am thankful that all the cousins and the Aunties and Oma and Jeff all got to play together on our day off.

Life is good.