Day 57: Summer

What made you happy today?

I love the little things. 

Today Jeff helped me to fix my fountain. My fountain tends to get clogged and hasn’t been working forever. I asked Jeff to fix it with me today and he did. We got the shopvac out and vacuumed out the dirt and leaves. We washed the filter screen and reassembled the parts and then filled the fountain with water to test it. The best part was that Jeff stayed calm throughout the process, which was a miracle!! He hates hassles and he didn’t complain, which made me as happy as the fountain working.

This made me so happy! I love that my fountain is working again and the sound of water fills my yard. 

We enjoyed the rest of our steakation, sitting on our outdoor sectional couch and planning to go to the new Whole Foods to get delicious, juicy steaks to grill out for dinner.

We had to try the Mochi ice creams before dinner, because it’s summer time and we can have dessert before a late dinner.

Life is good! 

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!



The Daily Five

So yesterday I mentioned goals and intentions. I want to follow up with that one because in addition to setting our big goals and intentions, having focus on our actions will help us to attain our goals.

Robin Sharma is an author who writes and shares his ideas on leadership.  You can check him out here:  Robin Sharma.  One of his old tidbits is to focus on the Daily 5.  What 5 things do you want to see happen that link to your personal goals?  Think about:  “What 5 things need to happen between now and the end of the last hour of the day today for this to have been an exceptionally productive day.”

I decided to try this today and actually wrote down my list first thing this morning.  These were the things I wanted to get done today that were high priority to me.


Guess what? I was able to check everything off my list because they were a priority now that I had them in writing and staring at me. I wanted to be successful and having a list just made me want to check things off.  I had many other things to do today too, of course, but because I had this focus, I was able to limit my distractions, stopped procrastinating, and was more efficient with my time. I loved this feeling and I want to do it again tomorrow.

And just think, if we start small and list 5 things today and 5 things tomorrow, and so on, by the end of the week we will have accomplished 35 important things that were important to us and that adds up!!  Imagine what a month full of 5 things a day looks like? Yep, this month we could accomplish 150 things. There’s a big WOW factor there. Now the little things are really big and cool. 😉

What 5 things are going to be on your list?