Live It Up Right Now Because You Can!

Did you live it up today? What made you smile?

My day was full of smiles.

Today was a day to celebrate – but isn’t every day?

It reached 81 degrees out today and felt like summer!


Jeff’s grandparents celebrated 71 years of marriage today. Isn’t that amazing? I called them from the baseball field and we chatted for 20 minutes which is a very long time!

They grew up in a time where every minute on the phone cost a lot of money, so I appreciated every minute we shared together.  They read my blog every day – Hi MamMam and PopPop!!  I asked them what their marriage success tips were and they said that they listened to each other and did what each other asked of each other (most of the time). They just choose to get along and to take care of one another. I think this is brilliant advice.  PopPop reminded me that I’ve been married for quite awhile now and asked me what I thought made for a successful marriage and I told him that we were going on 18 years already, and that we really liked each other and were each other’s best friend and that we really just liked being together. He said that he thought I then knew the secret too. And we laughed. This made my day. I loved hearing them tell stories and love how they look out for each other. I want to live my life that way too, forever. PopPop will be 94 and MamMam will be 90 very soon. I think they are very wise and had some good advice to share today. Way to live it up!

I wandered around the field collecting trash as I chatted on the phone, which made me feel good and it didn’t take too much time. I probably picked up at least 50 pieces…isn’t that crazy?20140313-222909.jpg

MLs birthday was today too.  We spontaneously found some time to go get a pedicure together.

We got to enjoy some pampering and chattering and time together celebrating sweet her!  I love time with friends and love birthdays for an excuse to get together, not that we really need one.  My toes are thankful!!

Debbie’s birthday was today too! Happy Birthday, Debbie. Let’s celebrate tomorrow since I didn’t get a chance to stop by for a visit today.

The kids are getting very busy with their sports and I’m loving seeing them in action.

I love that they are part of teams and are outside running around every day with their friends. Team sports are such an important part of growing up and I’m thankful they have all found a place to practice.


Life is good.

Live it up. Love it Out. and Laugh Out Loud!  Namaste

Riding home from school with Charlie today in the bakfiets.

It’s almost Friday – are you smiling yet? 🙂

Day 221: International Sports

We are all relaxing on the couch, after a long weekend of basketball, basketball, and more basketball.

The kids had a basketball tournament that started on Friday night and ended today at 5:30 pm.

Juliana’s team took first place, and Christian’s team took fourth.

Here’s what I loved about the tournament:

1. Watching the kids play, of course.

2. Observing the games and cheering and laughing and bonding with the other parents.

3. Seeing the kids cheer for one another, and giving each other high fives.

4. Watching our school teams support each other – girls watching the boys games and the girls watching the boys.

5. Listening to Juliana’s team cheer and sing and dance after they won.

6. Looking at the team rosters from the various international teams and seeing the same cultural diversity across teams.

7. Christian was hanging out with the boys from the Germany team, as he stayed over night at their homes during the Bonn games. He now has friends from other schools in Europe.

8. The mandatory social dance on Saturday night and Juliana meeting someone from San Jose, who was wearing a Sharks hat. Small world.

9. Seeing girls be aggressive and play hard, focused and fighting for the ball.

10. Watching my kids grow up, hanging out for hours between games on their own, being responsible for their own belongings and wanting to take the bus back to school to be with their friends instead of driving back with us. They’re practicing their independence in a safe environment.

Sports are so good for many reasons and watching my kids play in an international environment with teams from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Denmark is still amazing to me. These children come from all over the world and most are expats, just like my kids and they’re all brought together through the love of sports. I love that they chose to participate and were picked to play on their teams.

Life is good!



Day 136: What’s Good About All Day Basketball Tryouts?


We had to set an alarm on a Saturday morning. Christian had to be at school by 7:45 am to catch the team bus to the Hague for a mini-basketball tournament. Juliana had to be at school by 9 am for her all day mini-tournament at her school.  They have had try-outs for the last two weeks and after today, the coaches were supposed to make a decision.  I felt it to be important that we were there to watch and cheer and support our kids, so Jeff and I split up to make this happen. 

Since we have one car, Jeff came back after dropping off Christian to pick up Charlie, Juliana and I and to drop us off at school by 9 am, before he left for the day to watch Christian. Charlie and I stayed to watch Juliana play ALL DAY!  Well, actually, Charlie got lucky as his friend’s dad came to pick him up for a play date around lunch time and kept him until after dinner. I was lucky too (I guess) to be able to make new friends and chat with “old” friends while we sat on hard, cold bleachers all day, cheering on our kids!!

I love kid sports for several reasons, but my favorite (selfish) part is probably the community feeling of being together and cheering on our kids, collectively. I get just excited for my friends’ kids as my own. I cheer loudly and get excited and feel the pain when someone gets hurt and want to jump up at the ref when a call is incorrect and cheer loudly when my kid scores or passes and assists.  I  feel passionately about the whole thing… except when I have to sit there for 6 hours! Today dragged on a little longer past my comfort zone, but I did have fun nevertheless. 

I liked seeing my friends and familiar faces. I had fun chatting with the other parents and hearing the stay-at-home dad’s talk about their new crock pot purchase and plans to attend the Let’s Cook Indian food session next month. I haven’t spent too much time with stay at home dad’s and have such an admiration and appreciation for them and their wives and families and am so curious about their choices.  I enjoyed hearing their wives talk about their careers and travels and having time to just all be gathered for the same purpose – to support our kids and our community. I think sports are a wonderful thing and am so glad my kids are choosing to play so I can hang out with my new friends!!

I had fun watching Charlie make friends with the younger siblings and sharing snacks and playing outside in the snow. The boys went out to the soccer field and had snow ball fights and played tag before coming back in to warm up.  



I love that there is a booster club and that parents volunteer to donate and sell snacks and drinks and make a little extra money for the school.

I love all of it (except for 6 hours of it at once!) and I love that Cami gave my kids and I a ride home afterwards so we didn’t have to wait in the cold for a tram, even if the commute is short. It’s great to have friends!!

Life is Good.

p.s.  Good news!  Christian made the travel team, and next week we find out if Juliana made the travel team, as well!  I hate waiting and hope she makes it too – Travel here we come!  Congratulations Christian! I’m so proud of you!!