Women vs. Men and Getting Ready

Do you ever think about how much time you spend getting ready for the day or if you’re a girl, how much time guys spend getting ready compared to you?

I mean how much time do you spend picking out your clothes and shoes and accessories? And how much time do you spend shaving your legs, washing and conditioning your hair, putting on makeup and styling your hair? Probably a lot longer than men do. Men have a time advantage that women choose to give up to be “pretty.”

I tend to not care either way, but I definitely notice a difference in the way I feel and how others see me when I choose to invest time in myself. This is a conundrum to me.

I am perfectly content to go out with no makeup, hair up in a pony tail and work out clothes on. I’m happy to go out with makeup and curly, wild hair. I feel prettiest when I take the time to blow out my hair and straighten it and when I put on makeup and cute clothes and shoes. However, the latter takes me an hour whereas the not caring might take me 15 minutes. 5 out of 7 days I probably choose the quickest way out the door, little makeup and wet hair in a pony tail/bun twist. However, when I do take the time to take care of me, I do feel better, which makes me wonder. Is it worth it?

Today I took the time to get ready and felt really happy about that. Maybe that’s what people saw, or maybe they saw that I took time for myself and was happy on the inside and it shined on the outside. Or maybe I looked more put together than usual.  Who knows? i know that I liked the way it felt to have done the work to look “shined up” and I know that I don’t like the amount of time I spent getting to that state.

What are your thoughts? Do you take the time to get ready every day? Or do you skip a shower, go out with your workout clothes and don’t care?  I’m so curious.  I’m always trying to maximize all the things I can get done in a given day, and blow drying my hair isn’t high on my list. Except for today.

You’re beautiful just the way you are, with makeup or not. Don’t forget. And it’s okay to take time for yourself, if that’s what you wish for yourself.

Good night!!