Summer is Here!

My kids finished school today and I’m so excited.

We started the day with a pancake breakfast with April and family, per Charlie’s request. Pancakes are always a sign of good times.

The kids and parents all walked to school together, except me, as it was late and I had to catch my TRX class. Here’s the last day as a fourth grader:

Juliana was done with school at 10:30 and we went to get Jamba Juice for her as this is her favorite treat. We then decided to go shopping at Target together before picking up Charlie at 12:30.

I loved the excitement in the air and the anticipation of summer fun to begin. Everyone felt happy. I loved all the promotion and graduation pictures shared and posted on Facebook. This feels like a good time of the year.

We had time to relax after school and to hangout and swim with good friends.

Charlie went to a birthday party and Jeff and I took Juliana out on a dinner date with us.


We finished the night by picking up the kids and Facetiming with my family, laughing together and sharing stories.

So happy that summer is here and we have a break to our normal routine. Let the good times roll….and please help me figure out how to limit the screen time with my kids! Amen.

Happy summer!!

Happy Mother’s Day 2014

We were in Sunnyvale today. Just me and my little family and no guests.

It was a great day to be home and at the club, playing tennis and watching the kids swim.

The kids all made home made cards and decorated the kitchen to celebrate ME!! I love being spoiled with attention and love that they took the time to think of me.



They joined me for coffee in bed and then Jeff made me a healthy egg white scramble with chicken, kale, garlic, tomatoes and goat cheese that was fabulous!


After breakfast, Jeff and I worked on sorting through our digital photos for hours, even though we need months to make sense of them all. At least we touched them again and made a little progress. Every time I work on the backlog, I feel so frustrated because it’s overwhelming and is such a slow process.

After working around the house, we headed over to the club to play tennis as a family and to swim. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.


I didn’t want to fight crowds at a restaurant, so we went to a Japanese market and got fixings to make sushi and shrimp and noodles. Our dinner was beyond fabulous and I kept saying Mmm… between every bite!


I wish my extended family was with us to share this delicious dinner. It was so easy to make and assemble and there was no rush and no crowds.

Love this life!

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating all women and sisters!