Day 15: Summer

My big kids come home from Mexico tomorrow. I have been anxious all day waiting to hear news about how they’re doing and was happy to see a post that they were finally state side. I started nesting again, like I did when I was pregnant with them.  That’s all I wanted to do today and I think that’s weird, but it’s my truth. 

So we folded all the laundry, fixed Juliana’s headboard and decluttered some more. 

I was thankful when Charlie suggested we get out of the house and came up with a plan. He wanted to get frozen yogurt, Japanese snacks and sushi from the Japanese market and take it home to watch a movie together. This combination made me laugh and I loved that I have a kid who loves froyo and sushi. It made for a perfectly relaxing evening and settled my anxiety.

Life is good. What simple thing did you enjoy today? 


6 Weeks

We are already into our 6th week of summer vacation and I’m already getting anxious thinking about it being over. 

I really love summer vacation and it takes me awhile to unwind and let go.

Today I am still feeling jet lagged and so I did a little less and relaxed and it felt so good.

I tried to not have a plan and let the day unfold without a schedule and boy did that feel great and turned our remarkably fulfilling. Here’s what an unstructured day looked like.

I slept in and played with the kittens. J stopped by for a cup of tea and drove with me to drop CJ off at his practice.

We came back and played SpikeBall with the other kids in the front yard and got such a kick out of it.

I cooked lunch and did some paper work and then took the kids and friends to the pool to cool off and play.  The kids were so happy playing and he moms chatting that no one wanted to leave and we stayed an extra hour.

The only plans we had was dinner with our friends and that was spectacular!

What a perfectly, unplanned and unscheduled, fulfilling day just living in the moment.

I love summer! 


Happy Mother’s Day 2014

We were in Sunnyvale today. Just me and my little family and no guests.

It was a great day to be home and at the club, playing tennis and watching the kids swim.

The kids all made home made cards and decorated the kitchen to celebrate ME!! I love being spoiled with attention and love that they took the time to think of me.



They joined me for coffee in bed and then Jeff made me a healthy egg white scramble with chicken, kale, garlic, tomatoes and goat cheese that was fabulous!


After breakfast, Jeff and I worked on sorting through our digital photos for hours, even though we need months to make sense of them all. At least we touched them again and made a little progress. Every time I work on the backlog, I feel so frustrated because it’s overwhelming and is such a slow process.

After working around the house, we headed over to the club to play tennis as a family and to swim. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.


I didn’t want to fight crowds at a restaurant, so we went to a Japanese market and got fixings to make sushi and shrimp and noodles. Our dinner was beyond fabulous and I kept saying Mmm… between every bite!


I wish my extended family was with us to share this delicious dinner. It was so easy to make and assemble and there was no rush and no crowds.

Love this life!

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating all women and sisters!

Smurfs 2 and Sushi


I took the kids to see Smurfs 2 this afternoon with some friends. They seemed to enjoy it and I liked seeing the Paris highlights, as the movie was set in Paris. I also liked the messaging somewhat, and especially liked the positive focus and tension between the two female Smurfs and their friendship that grew.

As my reward for sitting through the kid movie, it was only right that I got to enjoy some alone time on a date with my husband sans kids. I’ve been craving sushi and we enjoyed sitting at the sushi bar watching fresh sushi and and a Smurf go around the river! Dinner was excellent too!

Life is good! Hope you have a good weekend!!

Day 216: Dutch + Sushi + Ikea

Ooh, doesn’t the title of my day just sound so romantic? Maybe for a middle life couple with kids!! I guess any time alone together could be considered a date, right? So today was one, long heck-of-a-date!

Jeff and I are taking a Dutch class together. We decided to walk to class today from our house. Half way there, we remembered we had bikes! Why didn’t we think of that? I felt so dumb! We are so not conditioned to using our bikes as a means of transportation. Jeff still thinks of riding a bike as something that children do around the neighborhood or something you use for exercise. It’s a good lesson though, how our minds think in ways that might limit how we actually see the world from our own narrow vantage point when there might be better options we haven’t even considered.

We are so not Dutch yet and must stay here longer until riding our bikes becomes a natural choice to get around this small town. I’m kind of embarrassed that it’s not already! Maybe when the weather gets warmer.

As we walked home, we stopped to buy some frites to share from the organic market that takes place on Tuesdays. They were so sweet and delicious and hot! We walked a bit further and close to our house is a cute little Japanese store with limited hours. It was open today so we peeked in and learned that they serve meals too.

We enjoyed a spontaneous sushi lunch with hot tea, and shared what we loved about Sunnyvale and Holland and what we missed and didn’t like too. I’m always assessing what’s best for the family and think about the choices we are making and have to make moving forward. I sometimes get confused with the details and wanted to bounce ideas off him. I’m sure Jeff thinks I think too much, but he humored me nevertheless.

It was a great conversation, and what I discovered is that we have to live in the moment and enjoy where we are and what we are doing no matter what. Sounds obvious but sometimes I really long for home, and get confused because I have two homes now. And the grass isn’t necessarily greener somewhere else, right Julie? So instead of longing for something else, I choose to refocus on the gifts of the present and to continue to be thankful.

I think that’s a good lesson for anyone.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu

My present moment at 1:30 pm was exhausted from 3 hours of Dutch drills and my “psychology” appointment at lunch! But I was content, and maybe delusional, to agree to go to Ikea this evening. I don’t like shopping and I don’t like Ikea, but Jeff needed a few things for his office and I figured we might as well extend our date after work.

I wanted to see if they were advertising their meatballs, but they weren’t of course! The news just reported that some of their meatballs contain horse meat. Yuck! For some reason, that disgusts me and made me curious. Notice what’s missing from their menu!

We spent way too long there, as always, but had a much more pleasant experience than usual and actually enjoyed some friendly customer service. We drove over to Jeff’s office to deliver the loot late at night, so we could park on the sidewalk without too much traffic! His office is looking great and the nighttime view of the Amsterdam canals made the present moment perfect.

How is your present moment? If you feel stress, practice what Charlie taught me: 7-11. Breathe in for 7 seconds and blow it out for 11 seconds. Cool, right? Namaste.

Day 167: I AM Still Learning…

I think it’s always important to learn something new, try something new, go somewhere new… keep adapting and changing, otherwise life gets boring and I don’t believe in that word.

Today I started my new Dutch class. I will be taking 24 lessons, 3 hours each for the next several months and practicing and speaking a little bit more each day. I’m counting on my Dutch friends and family to speak to me in Dutch and not laugh at me when I try to speak back to them in Dutch. I understand some but can’t really speak it or write it.  Wish me luck!!  


Today I decided to be Dutch too, and rode my bike to class. Luckily there wasn’t any rain – just gray skies and cold weather which actually isn’t “so” bad anymore compared to adding rain in the mix. I guess I’ve changed my expectations and am adapting, although I still don’t like this weather and find the dreary skies quite heavy. I long for sunshine but accept what is and will make the best of it, like riding my bike! 

To reward myself for riding and not having to pay for parking (which also irks me) I spent the money instead on sushi for lunch and took it home, yet next time I’ll have to buy a little more as I’m still hungry! 


It was nice to have a quiet afternoon before kid pickup, just me and my sushi and time to write about my day.  I hope you have a wonderful day, learning something new and doing something nice for yourself and hopefully you’ll share your joy.

xo Adriana