Call Your Friends

I picked up the phone today and called a friend. She didn’t answer and usually I would hang up, but today I left a message and I Am happy that I did.

I told her that I would be near her house this afternoon and would love to drop by and see her, if her schedule was open at all. Lucky for me, she noticed that I called, checked her message and called me back, right as I was getting ready to go out again and we were able to connect.

She invited Jeff and I to her house and we enjoyed an hour or so together, chit chatting and catching up right at dinner time and before her PTA meeting and between our kids’ soccer practice and polo matches. While we were talking, she whipped up fish tacos for her family and insisted that we eat with her and that she had plenty.

I can’t tell you (well, actually I guess I am sharing right now) how cool this moment was. This was living happily ever after right now, and saying yes, and not being too busy, or too tired or too anything (even though we are). We showed up, sat around the table and enjoyed each other’s company in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. I loved this, can you tell?

Thank you Susanne! You made my day. 

If you’re thinking of a friend, try calling them. They just might make your day and dinner. xoxo

P.S. Thank you Charlie for inspiring me to write tonight and asking me what made me happy today.

TGIF – Carmel

Today I got to have a mini-vacation.

Suzi and I drove to Carmel to visit our BFF, Michele. She moved away this summer and we miss her so much.  Luckily she still lives within driving distance so we can still see each other, even though we can’t go on our weekly hikes and BMWs.

Carmel is about an 1 1/2 hour drive from Silicon Valley and is a dream destination. After we dropped the kids off at school, we began the reverse commute to see our friend.

Suzi and I enjoyed the beautiful drive and chat along the way, while anticipating our arrival. We were so happy to see our friend again.

We made the best of our time by going on a 6 mile hike in a new place, just like we used to do.

I loved every minute of it.


I was so bummed when we had to leave.

We enjoyed walking through the hills, taking in the sites and nature and animals, and enjoyed a small lunch together out in M’s backyard before heading back over the hill again.  We didn’t want to leave!!

We miss her so much!

Life is good.  So glad that we took the time to play and to enjoy the moment. Laundry can wait. Go outside and play, my BeLovers!! xoxo


Day 47: Work Hard, Play Hard

Today I had to work hard and fast to get everything done so I could play again! You know, work hard, play hard. That’s my motto!

J was so sweet and she handmade invitations for C’s birthday. We hand delivered to all we could.

We planned our going away celebration and sent out an Evite. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to say goodbye to as many friends as possible before we move.

April and I did a Costco run together – gathering food for the week and a play date- gotta love that! We left all the kids together to play. It’s so nice having big kids!

Jeff confirmed the moving company and we scheduled our packing/move date. It’s official… We’re really moving!!

After cleaning up the house and packing my bags (I’m getting really good at this!), I filled up the car with gas and picked up Susanne to head to beautiful, Carmel!

Michele planned a weekend away for us at her new house and how could we let her down? Susanne and I had to come and celebrate with her and make sure the patio wasn’t too windy and that the new couches were comfy. So far, so good! No complaints!! And we’re good friends like that.

We enjoyed a perfectly, snack-y, appetizer dinner with wine and port and watched the sunset. Life is good!!


I would normally not pack so much fun into one month, but when you’re moving and want to do it all before you’re gone, you have to do it all when the timing and opportunity are aligned. I’m grateful that I have such a supportive husband and family. Thanks, guys!!

What are you doing just for you this month?