82 Degrees for Christmas

This is why people love California. It was 82 degrees in San Diego today, and I’d say a little got actually.

We decided to visit the Hotel Del Coronado with friends and family today and couldn’t believe how warm it was.

The Hotel Del was built in 1888 and is a historic Victorian wooden beach resort. It is one of California’s historic landmarks.

It felt like it could have been historic Disneyland with all the hordes of people.

I loved dipping my toes in the water, people watching, and watching the sunset the most.

We also enjoyed walking through the town and exploring someplace new.

Here are a few of my favorite things from today, living it up, laughing out loud and being in the moment.


Hotel California

True life for me.

Not all who wander are lost.

The Wizard of Oz house, side view as someone was sitting on the front porch.

Tide pools at low tide.

Sun setting.

I love my life and the sun on my face and with my toes in the sand. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Except for this!

I am happy and grateful and wish the same for you. Everyday we get to practice and I wish you all the best.

Happy last night of Hanukkah!

Let your light shine from deep inside your soul. xoxo

San Diego Sunset

This is a gift for you. A moment to pause and rest and see the beauty that is yours and mine amidst the chaos.

I am tired. It’s been a busy, fun, stressful, fulfilling and exciting week and we still have vacation time, Christmas and New Year’s to celebrate over the next two weeks. Find time to rest, hydrate and exercise my BeLoveRs and keep shining and sharing your love!! xo

Beautiful Night

I hope you had a great evening, relaxing and celebrating the end of another week. Don’t the weeks go by so quickly?

Tonight I enjoyed watching Charlie play baseball. I was thankful that his siblings came out to watch and that his teacher came out to support him too. Jeff was able to get home from work earlier enough to catch the second half too. It was freezing outside once the sun started to go down.



Something must be in the air because my whole family seemed to have headaches and sinus pressure all day. I think it’s because of the weather changes. I had plans to meet friends in Palo Alto, but almost backed out because I didn’t feel well all day. Luckily the Tylenol helped and I got a second wind and mustered up the energy to change, freshen up, and to head out the door. I was so happy that I did, because the drive across town was beautiful. The sky show with all the beautiful colors was so entertaining. Here are a couple pictures. I hope you enjoyed the sun setting too.


I finally arrived at our destination a few minutes early and waited alone in the secret garden, left to admire the flowers, twinkling lights, fire pit, and happy people joining other friends. There were two young families with little kids and the parents had to keep getting up to bounce them, walk them, and to entertain them. I wanted to offer to hold the baby for the mama while I was waiting, but thought she probably would have thought I was weird!! My friends soon arrived and we were the last ones to leave. I think you could say we enjoyed each other’s company, the ambiance, the food and wine, and best of all the friendship and conversation that didn’t want to end.




Life is good. Live it up and have a great weekend, my friends! xo

Following the Light

I am fascinated by light and water. I wanted to go to the beach today and see the ocean, but the rest of the family was happy just relaxing at home. Even though I desired going out, I’m also happy when everyone else is happy and I’d rather be with everyone than be alone enjoying the beach.

So instead, I enjoyed playing cards with my sister for four hours, knowing we had no where we had to be and nothing we had to do. This was liberating! Today truly felt like vacation. Jeff read his new books, CJ played on the computer, and the younger ones were content just playing and hanging out together. We went for a bike ride and the kids played in the park, appreciating the warm air and bright, California winter sunshine.


Around 4pm, we decided to get dressed and to go watch the sunset. We all loaded up in the car and ended up following the light through Silicon Valley, down through Half Moon Bay, and ending up in San Francisco. In the end, I got to see the beach after all. Thanks guys!!




I love this life, right now. And happy birthday to my BFF!!

Fall is in the Air

Today is Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer. The weather was so strange with warm, humid weather, grey skies this morning and rain on and off. I felt like I was still in Holland!

I wasn’t afraid of the rain drops today, like I used to be. No longer did I worry about getting a little bit wet. I do like this mind shift.

We had planned to get up early and head to the beach, but the weather wasn’t great and we still had a lot of work to do unpacking and settling. We still managed to smoke some ribs and had a late BBQ. The night sky light was absolutely beautiful.

Fall is almost here.



Labor night rain.


Being Home

Tonight we went to see the construction progress on the San Francisco 49ers football stadium.


Last time we saw the field, they had just begun excavations. It’s amazing what they can build in a year’s time! The stadium is near our home and driving by in our new minivan and going to Chick-Fil-A for dinner tonight was the entertainment for the evening. We sat outside on the patio, enjoying the gorgeous, California weather. I appreciated not having to cook tonight, and more importantly, not having to do the dishes. It’s the little things that make me happy!

Home sweet home.

Baylands sunset

Good night, friends!