Sunday – A Day to Rest and Be with Family

How was your Sunday? I hope you found some time to rest and be lazy, and to prepare for the week ahead.

I had an awesome day. We went to church this morning and listened to Pastor Steve’s last sermon at our church after 24.5 years!  His message was simple. He said as we go through our life journey we need to remember two things:  Look to each other and look to Jesus. That’s it.  We are a community of people and we need to look to one another for love and support and to remember to be like Jesus and to have faith in Him.  I liked the simple message, which resonated with me.

After the sermon, there was a luncheon for his goodbye party that was standing room only. He touched so many people and we are sad and accept this life disruption and change.  Change is good, even if it is uncomfortable and we wish him well.

After church, we’ve started a Sunday tradition of eating Mexican food for lunch.  We stopped at Chavez market and got takeout burritos to eat on our patio together. The food was delicious and we enjoyed a family meal outdoors.

After lunch, we worked together and decluttered and cleaned our house and prepared a shared family meal to share with our friends. I enjoyed working to make our house beautiful and getting ready for our friends to arrive.  Once they arrived, we stopped working and enjoyed their company over delicious appetizers before preparing the rest of the details for the meal.  It was delicious! We made gluten free pulled pork and salmon and all the fixings to go with both dishes. Jeff and I enjoyed preparing and cooking the food together.

I loved that we stayed home and shared the day with our friends that are like family.

Life is good!  I hope you had a good day too, sharing it with those you love and creating space to rest and recoup.


Sunday – A Day of Rest

Today was actually a day of rest and for this I am thankful especially after such a busy few weeks.

Our week days and week ends are so full, that it was really nice to be home today with time to relax and play and watch the World Series!!  We had space and blocks of open time. Of course, we still had events, but only having 2 or 3 is better than 10 at different places that overlap. Today was peaceful and shared with family and friends.

I made a family style dinner of spiral ham, mashed potatoes and green beans, and April and the girls came over to join us.  I love the tradition of a slow cooked, Sunday dinner and now I want to be home every Sunday. This has been my goal since the beginning of the school year, but keeping to that goal is not always easy.  I love cooking and I love having families join us for a meal.  I am going to try to keep this time more sacred and create this family tradition that we all hopefully will look forward to sharing.

What are your Sunday family traditions?

Hope you have a great week!  xo