Sparked Joy!

I went shopping with my BFF this weekend and we had so much fun, browsing and trying on shoes and makeup and clothes together. I never take the time to do this and the hours just passed by before we knew it. 

We joked together and enjoyed people watching and told each other what looked good and what didn’t, laughing along the way. She has great taste and helped me to pick out a new summery outfit, and I helped her pick out a fun new top and belt.  She really picked out her own and I just validated her choice. I had the easy part! 🙂

I was going to save my new outfit for a special occasion and then decided today was a special occasion for no reason, well actually, because I’m living my happily ever after today and that’s a good enough reason. I loved the feeling of dressing up a bit and feeling fun and cuter than usual. It sparked joy and made me happy.

The little things…and who knew?

What little things spark joyed in your life today on this magnificent Monday?

Have a great week, hot stuff!!

Living in the Moment

Yes, I am.

Today, in the heat!!

Got up early to hike with my Julie girl but we were already too late and the sweat was sticking to all parts of our bodies. It was THAT hot and there was no breeze, but we endured.  So thankful that we made the time to exercise and chat, and celebrated the hot moment.  

I took the kids to the pool and was going to just drop them off with a friend, as I had a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish and was being given a chance to be alone for awhile, but changed my mind. I decided to stay and instead sat on a lawn chair with my friend and relaxed and cooled off and caught up with her for awhile, since I am practicing not being in a hurry.  It felt so good to sit and rest in the shade, out of the hot house and having a friend with whom to share the afternoon as we enjoyed our kids too. This is what living in the moment looks like.

And then tonight, I got the “pleasure” of continuing to drive the kids around across town to their appointments. One at 6:30 pm, one at 7 pm, then got gas, and drove straight to pick one up at 7:30 pm and then ate a little bit and got back in the car again to admire the sun setting and dancing in the sky to pick the next one up at 8:30 pm.  This was actually quite peaceful and made me smile.  Check out what the sky can do!!

And since my little one was running 20 minutes late, I relaxed in the car, put my feet up and watched the pink moon rise up.  What lovely gifts I received by not being in a hurry today and being fully present and in the moment.  This is the life! 
Of course, this living in the moment deal, also included anxiety and frustration and messes but those things aren’t so pretty nor fun to talk about, so I choose to leave out those little details when I write my happily ever after post about BEing in the moment. Perfectly imperfect, remember, with LOTS of imperfections along the way!

How did you enjoy living in the moment today? What brought you joy?

nAMaste BeLoveRs!!! 

BE the change you want to see and feel in this beautiful world!!

Summer Love


Today I enjoyed my baby love. 

We had a busy day and enjoyed a delicious BBQ with new friends. 

I loved sitting back and watching my little “big” one having fun, climbing trees and holding his breathe under the water and splashing me. 

These are the best days of my life. 

I know. 

I am thankful.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday and are ready and refreshed for the week ahead.


Cool Teens

It was hotter than heck today and our first day of no school.

I have a few standards for the kids.

They can’t sleep all day and they can’t be in front of screens all day either.  They have to read and exercise and be helpful and do something active, creative and/or productive. They can choose, just as long as they aren’t lazy all day. I don’t want to be rigid and I want them to relax and slow down. I just don’t want them to be sloths. I expect them to contribute to the family and to enjoy their lives.

Today didn’t disappoint.  I loved their choices and just admired them.

My favorite part of the day was when their friends decided to come over and hang out all day. I love kids and I love them all at my house. I love their laughter and them just being.

They played board games and played with the kitties and watched sports and listened to music and laughed all day. Friends and siblings all hung out and filled my house with joy. I went to the store and bought them ice cream and fruit and helped serve them. I absolutely loved them being here and stayed out of their way.  I want them to come back and hang out every week. We have ten and a half weeks of summer break and today was the best beginning.

I didn’t take any pictures as I wanted to respect their space and privacy. My heart was full and I am content.

This was the best Monday in a long time! Happy summer days!!



I love Michigan! I am so happy to be visiting our friends Megan and Joe and their family for a long weekend.

We enjoyed the great weather outdoors and explored Saugatuck today. We didn’t really care what we did, as we just wanted to do something together and see a bit of the state and walk around.

The highlights for me were seeing the kids splash around in Lake Michigan and catching fireflies.

Our friends Kris and Pat always vacation in this town and I was curious to see what it was like. It was very quaint and I could see why they like coming here with their family. I just wish we had more time to spend on the water.



After exploring a bit of the town and having a bite to eat, we traveled along to West County Park on the Lake Michigan Shore. Here we skipped rocks, played in the water, and built rock sculptures, seeing who could pile the most together before they toppled over.


And to end the day, the kids made my night by catching and releasing fireflies that just fascinated me.



It’s the simple things in life that make me happy – like time spent together with good friends.

Life is good!

Water Play

I love water. Just being near it makes me happy. Today the kids convinced me to actually come in the pool with them and we all had fun together.

I got a GoPro camera for my birthday and the kids took it in the pool to play.

This provided hours of fun for all of us.

Charlie asked me to be the mama whale and he would hold on to my back as we swam together through the water. It took me a little while to figure out exactly how to swim the way he had in mind!

I told the kids I felt like I was five again, holding hands with my friend and playing with the kids. Juliana laughed and said “But you didn’t have an underwater camera back then!” She is too wise!



Today I was thankful for friends and time to play together in the water and the sun.

Namaste. Go out and play!

Smurfs 2 and Sushi


I took the kids to see Smurfs 2 this afternoon with some friends. They seemed to enjoy it and I liked seeing the Paris highlights, as the movie was set in Paris. I also liked the messaging somewhat, and especially liked the positive focus and tension between the two female Smurfs and their friendship that grew.

As my reward for sitting through the kid movie, it was only right that I got to enjoy some alone time on a date with my husband sans kids. I’ve been craving sushi and we enjoyed sitting at the sushi bar watching fresh sushi and and a Smurf go around the river! Dinner was excellent too!

Life is good! Hope you have a good weekend!!