Slow Food

In the spirit of slowing down (which is very challenging for me), my family has out voted me and we decided to stay home and relax again.

My husband has taken up a new hobby that is requiring us to stay home, so this is good I think. He loves to BBQ meats and to smoke them too. This week he took up an even slower process of cooking meats, called Sous-Vide which is French for “under vacuum.” Basically you season and vacuum seal your meat of choice and then stick them in a large pot filled with hot water. Then you manage the temperature of the water and cook the meat for longer than normal cooking hours at an accurately regulated temperature that maintains the moisture levels of the meat. This is done by using a sous vide immersion circulator that maintains the flow and temperature of the water.

Jeff had fun researching this new method and coming up with a marinade for the pork shoulder we purchased. Juliana and I helped him by vacuum sealing the bags and before we went to bed last night, we started cooking our dinner for tonight. It took 20 hours for the meat to perfectly cook.


Jeff took the cooked pieces and placed them on the smoker for just minutes to transfer the smoked flavoring as the finishing touches to the meat.

When it was done, no forks were necessary to shred the pork because it was that moist and tender.


I had fun watching him enjoy this new project and seeing his joy as he tasted his creation. I loved that he was so happy. We all enjoyed the benefits from his new hobby and the delicious dinner he prepared for us.

Life is good.