Our cat loves to be loved. Or maybe it’s the opposite way around. When Juliana came home from school, the cat would not leave her side and kept rubbing all over her, marking her with his scent and snuggling all over her, as she tried to eat an afternoon snack.

It was so cute to watch them play together.

What little moment did you enjoy today?

Day 173: Snow and Snuggles


This morning the grass was crispy and a frozen layer of ice crystals has begun forming from one side of the canal. Can you see the frozen log?


This is my van tonight after sitting in the parking lot after school. It was not snowing when I went in to school, but it was definitely sticking when I left.

It definitely was cold today. Charlie was outside playing in the snow after school with his bare hands. We haven’t gotten used to wearing our mittens, scarves and hats yet!  I think tomorrow that will change.

But for tonight, I’m saying goodbye with few words. The kids and I were busy cleaning up the house as Jeff is coming home tomorrow and we’re all excited. But before he comes home, we’re having a sleepover in my bed and it’s late! Time to go to sleep before midnight!! Whoohoo!

Hope you’re staying warm and healthy and don’t let the flu bug bite!