Day 302: Slow Gear


Don’t forget to slow down some times… It’s a beautiful thing! So much joy was found today in the quiet spaces, and I wish the same for you.

Planning a move takes lots of planning and coordination on several fronts. Jeff and I had some quiet, uninterrupted conversation after the kids went to school today. We had time to ponder and reflect and think out some of the details as we watched the weather patterns change every 10 minutes…rain, clouds, sun, hail, and back again. I was expecting to go for a run, but just wasn’t up for it and enjoyed the change in plans.

The only thing I really planned today was some social medicine – a lunch with my girlfriends because I needed a fix, and they’re the best medicine! I took the tram up to Amsterdam and had an hour to shop on the Leidseplein before meeting up with the ladies. I enjoyed just wandering, shopping and people watching. We met for lunch at Greenwoods on the Keizesgracht for a healthy,cozy lunch. This made my day!

At this moment it was sunny and while we were eating, it was raining… So weird, right?

When I picked the kids up from school, we didn’t have any after school activities and there was no rush to get things done. It felt nice to have an open schedule. My dad called and we were able to FaceTime and Skype with my parents. I loved not being in a rush and was thankful for the gift of time. We miss them so much and it was great to laugh and see each other, making plans for when we’re back home again. My niece and sister also called this afternoon and we all got to chat for awhile too. A 9 hour time difference usually prevents us from long conversations and time to reconnect when we aren’t busy, but today just flowed because there was space and time for it… No stress…see how that works? I’m planning more days like this.

The kids and I were going to bake together today (their choice of something fun to do together) but as I chatted, they got busy and baked by themselves. I’ve baked with them since they were babies. It’s so nice that they are old enough to do it on their own with just me near by… I like how independent they are becoming. But I did and do miss baking with them, even though they were perfectly content.


We had a chaotic family dinner when Jeff came home, for no real reason at all. Some days the conversation just goes awry. We quickly changed gears and cleaned up, declaring quiet time early tonight. The gift that came from the quiet space earlier in the evening was a long snuggle and reading time with Charlie in our bed, time for drawing for Christian and painting nails for Juliana. I want more quiet time like today, with less stress. Downshifting into a slower gear…

I am content, and going to bed early tonight, just like P.