The sun came out briefly today before the rain and clouds returned. The earth looks so differently with sunshine upon it.  

The flower petals were heavy with raindrops in the morning and opened up as the sun dried them off.    


I enjoyed feeling the sun on my face and being outside, feeling warm and dry.

Today was another beautiful day. I hope you had a good day too.

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Go Outside

When you don’t know what to do, just go outside and see what you see and you will feel content.

The moment we stepped outside to go for a walk, I was immediately happy. I loved the fresh air, the sunshine and being out of the house. I noticed the new flower growing in my yard and the naked winter trees against the bright blue sky.

When you step outside, what do you notice?

Life is good.


Welcome, Rain

It rained today in California and the sound and sight was beautiful. I even loved the blustery wind blowing all the leaves off the beautiful trees. 

Charlie was so excited to see the grass covered in colorful leaves and asked me to save them so he and his friend could play with them and rake them up. We have always played with the leaves and I love that he’s still excited to play outside. 

On my way home from work, I saw the rainbow that you can hardly see in this picture and it made me smile.  There’s something magical about rainbows shining in the gray sky.

These were some of my simple joys today. What made you pause and notice today?


Being Sick And Being Quiet

My extended family has been together for days. We didn’t just come together for Thanksgiving, but the day before and the day after too.

My parents are amazing hosts and always welcoming to everyone. And everyone comes to be together. It’s quite amazing to be a part of and to observe.

I’ve had a cold for what seems like a week, so I’ve been more of a quiet observer which has been fascinating. I tend to have lots of opinions but this week I’ve practiced letting things be, and not reacting and not having an opinion and it’s been wonderful to go with the flow and to be quiet and to listen.

I’m not saying I like being sick, but I did enjoy being more of a listener than an entertainer and I sure enjoyed the family members who were quite good at sharing stories and jokes. I also enjoyed watching all the kids play together and doing the dishes quietly.

These are the simple things I enjoyed today while being sick and quiet. Oh, and I enjoyed the 3.3 mile walk with my sister and noticed all of the acorns on the ground, while walking in the fresh air. It was good to get out of the house and to exercise.

How was your day after Thanksgiving? Hope you are well.

Life is good, even when you’re sick.



Being Invited

This kids cracks me up. I was looking for him today and found him perched on his dresser in his closet. He borrowed his brother’s headphones and was creating his March article for the school newspaper, using Google Docs. I think it’s really cool that he chose to be on the school newspaper editorial team and I think it’s funny that he likes to hide and work in his closet. He makes me laugh.

I like to think that maybe my blogging every night influenced his interest in writing too. I love that he shares my passion.

Tonight I was tired and told him it was time to go to bed. He wanted to read with me while I was working and I told him to go to his room. When I came to check on him, he invited me to join him instead.

With his big, beautiful doe eyes he looked at me and said how much he loved me. I told him these were the best words ever and was the greatest gift he could ever give me. He asked me if I wanted to come sit with him on his couch and write my blog while he read. How could I refuse?

I know my priorities and I know these little moments are what make life matter.

Here I am.


I hope you had a great day and enjoyed the little moments too. xo

Movie Night

Tonight we are all snuggled in together and watching a movie.


I love that we’re all home and just doing nothing but sitting in the same room.

It sometimes takes going away to appreciate the simplicity and comforts of home.

Life is good.

How do you like spending your vacation time?

We have another week off from school and I’m curious what we’ll do next, as we don’t have any definite plans. I think most of us are tired from being in the car all week, but who knows where our dreams will take us.

I hope you enjoy this last week of the year and I wish you enough.