Princess in Shining Armor

Today I got to be the Princess in Shining Armor. I like that title. Just don’t tell my minivan, because I’m pretending!

Here I Am, stuck in Silicon Valley gridlock at 10 am.

Jeff’s car broke down on the highway and luckily I had “nothing” to do today and could be there for the rescue. It’s so great to be needed, or to at least feel useful.

I’m sure he could have handled it on his own, but we made an adventure out of it. In the morning, I just dropped him off because he had an important day at the office. In the evening, the kids and I had time to drive back up together in the carpool lane to rescue our Prince Charming and take him out to dinner. At least that’s the story that played out in my head. The Prince could easily have taken the train or caught a ride with a friend, but this story had a much happier ending my way and we lived happily ever after. The End.