Home. Sick.

 My baby girl is home and is so sick. She fell asleep in the arm chair today and is hardly eating  or drinking a thing.  All that she wants to do is lay down and rest and have me close by.  I wish I could take away her pain.

I took her to the doctor and he said a virus is going around and she has the same symptoms. He advised that she just rest and drink water and to eat small bites if she could, until she begins to feel better. I wish I could make her feel better.

We changed all our plans for the weekend and are staying still until she feels better.  Be well, baby girl.


Empty Mind

I think I have the flu. I don’t remember feeling this lethargic and sluggish in a long time. I literally laid down and sat around most of the day, except when I had to go pick up the kids and make dinner.  It was very hard to concentrate and noises were quite distracting and sounded 10 times louder than they actually were.  I didn’t feel like I could think clearly.  And my body temperature can’t seem to regulate. I go from hot to cold and back again.  I’m not complaining, but rather sharing in case you might have similar symptoms. This too shall pass.

I did not get the flu shot, but am now thinking I should have. Do you get the flu shot?  There are news reports of people dying from the flu in the Bay Area. The people who have died have had previous conditions before getting the flu, but oh my heavens!  That’s scary. I don’t think I am going to die right now. But oh my head hurts and I sure hope it goes away by tomorrow. And I hope that everyone else who is suffering gets some relief.

It was interesting to be sitting around when the kids were home today and not doing my usual routine. Things were a lot quieter for some reason. I think because I wasn’t distracted and they knew I wasn’t feeling good, that they weren’t fighting for my attention. They were more responsible for themselves and got to work more quickly than usual. Who knows, but it was sure a nice change of pace.  I got served drinks and got lots of hugs and kisses and I love you’s.  It was nice to be cared for this way today, but I’m hoping to be back to my job tomorrow. Wish me luck and thank you for all the well wishes and suggestions to get well.  Stay healthy. xo