Falling Leaves

I love fall and watching and feeling the seasons change.


I’ve changed out of flip flops and bare feet and am covered in socks and boots now.

The scarves and sweaters are out and the corduroy pants are on.

There is a chill in the air. The bed warmer is on and the heater hums and warms our house.

The trees have changed colors and the leaves are starting to fall. I love this time of the year.

Today I came home and Charlie was busy sweeping up the leaves and making his first pile of the year. He’s hoping the leaves will last until Christmas. Colorful leaves provide so many hours of free and joyful entertainment! I can’t wait for Sydney and Jessie to come over to build the biggest piles ever!


I am thankful for the changing seasons and time to bundle up and drink warm drinks and enjoy the earlier nights.

Life is good.

What do you like about the fall?

A Time For All Seasons


Today we celebrated Irma’s life with friends and family, sharing stories, tears and laughter. We gathered at church and heard readings and eulogies, reminding us of the seasons of life and that there was a time and place for everything. There is a time for birth and a time for death. There are boundaries to life and our time is limited. There is a time for grief and mourning and sadness and there is a time for renewal. There’s that yin and yang thing again.

Being together brought us much comfort.

I was very happy that we chose to drive down South to celebrate Irma’s life with our adopted neighborhood family. We mourned her passing while enjoying stories of her life on earth. This is a lady who learned to scuba dive at 65 and traveled to Saudi Arabia to work for five years rehabilitating people through aqua therapy, ahead of her time. She wasn’t afraid and welcomed new opportunities to live it up when most people would chose to rest. If I think about how she continued to reinvent herself and to explore the world, I feel young and free to dream too.

What will I become next? What will I chose to do with my beautiful life?


What will you chose to do now and in 20 years?? What a gift she gave us. Enjoy the rest of your journey, Irma. We sure enjoyed celebrating your life today.