Day 74 – I Want You to Know What Love Is


(picture taken at Savvy Cellar in Mountain View tonight – great little place to hang out with friends and the weather was gorgeous!)

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Good women are the epitome of love. They give love not only to their own children but to all children (and pets in some cases, and their own parents and friends and partners) and they are nurturing and giving and loving and make this world a better place. They support one another and take care of each other and they create community and build relationships. This is peace. This is love.

The new Time Magazine with the young woman breastfeeding her 4 year old child on the cover has a lot of people talking and stirring. The main problem I have with the cover is the question they pose which pits women against one another. “Are you Mom Enough?” – All women are enough because they have a choice – and the choice should be theirs and no one else’s. Whether we choose to work or stay at home, to have kids or not, to breastfeed or not or for how long, to dress up or dress down, to wear makeup or to go natural, to be skinny or not. Just be who YOU want to be. We shouldn’t judge one another by our choices and we should let each other just be happy. We don’t have to approve of each other’s choices but we also don’t have to make others feel insecure or judged by us. Let them be. And be ok being you. That’s love and that’s peace. To me.

So here’s to all the women in my life – that inspire me and love me and challenge me and support me. I love you – thank you for making this world a better place. Happy Mother’s Day to my Sisters, my Wife, my Friends, my Aunts and Cousins, Grandmothers, my Role Models, and my Neighbors and especially to my Beautiful Mama.  Enjoy your day tomorrow and celebrate YOU!  


My mom and sister are in town to celebrate Mother’s Day together with me tomorrow. So happy they are here, just wish Kimmy was here too!  Happy Mother’s Day!! xo