I have nothing very exciting to share today.

I guess that’s how the days of our lives usually are. We wake up and do our thing and get to sleep at night to do it all again the next day. Maybe it’s just that simple and we should be thankful for the opportunity to rise and fall.

It’s a good day when we wake up again and it’s a good day when we go to sleep. How we fill the time between up and down is up to us to make it the best day possible.

Did you live your best day possible today? Today I lived my best life by exercising, working, cleaning, kissing and hugging, shopping and cooking and eating, connecting and helping and loving. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Life is good.

Easter is Almost Here

Today we colored eggs. The End.

Just kidding.

It was a new experience as the oldest wasn’t that into it and the youngest did all the prep work his way!!

We talked about the meaning of Easter. The biggest lesson I shared with them is that life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down and we will rise again.There will be pain and suffering and our friends may betray us. We have to be patient and wait to move through our struggles, whatever they may be. It’s a long journey and we need to hold on to faith, hope, and love.

Okay, now The End!

nAMaste BeLoveRs!!