Cozyness of Home

It’s been a very busy and stressful week and it’s Friday night.  I am happy to just be home, with everyone home too by 7:30 pm and no where to go and no one to pick up and nothing left to do. We can take comfort in this simple fact. This is just like what Melissa says to us at the end of our yoga practice and I love the feeling of being done and resting.

Our week is complete and now we get to take comfort and rest and enjoy the week-end. Best night ever.

I wish the same to you.


Hiding Place

Doesn’t this look like the perfect hiding place?  My kitty was sitting in my work chair, in the sunshine, covering her face in my jacket.  Do you remember when you were a kid and if your eyes were covered and you couldn’t see anything, you thought no one could see you either?  I loved playing hide and seek with the kids when they thought like this. It always made me smile.

We all need a hiding place to get away and to not be seen for awhile. There is a thrill in the hiding, and seeking a truly secretive place. There’s an excitement that comes moments before and when you are found too. I love this type of thrill.

When you’re hiding, it feels like you’re being sneaky. There must be a thrill in that too. And sometimes we hide away to just be alone and undisturbed. 

Where do you go to hide away?

I love to retreat to my bedroom and to shut the door. Sometimes I hide in the garage because it’s really quiet and warm and no one comes looking for me there. And sometimes I take a little longer in the rest room, because it’s a fair excuse to be hiding away all alone while you’re “busy.”

Enjoy the quiet moments of your day, hiding away from sight once in awhile and breathe.


Good for Rest

My cats inspire me to rest, yet I’m still not good at it yet.

I had some free time and decided to rest today and to take a nap. My cats  decided to keep me company and to pay lots of attention to me. I enjoyed their company but never did manage to get to sleep. Maybe someday,  but for now I’ll just enjoy their purring and warmth and togetherness.

How do you rest and how often do you give yourself time to do so? 

Life is good.


Cat Naps

These two inspired me today. 

I enjoyed seeing them snuggled together, resting and just doing nothing in the middle of the day.

I decided to do the same. I finished doing my chores and then just laid on the couch, relaxing and opening my eyes when someone walked in the room and then stretching a bit and closing my eyes again.

It’s been a very busy week and it felt good to slow down for a bit today. 

Cat naps are good for the soul.

Did you rest today?

The Night Walk

Tonight I escaped the dinner dishes and went for a night walk all by myself.  It’s good to have time alone and I sure enjoyed the warm evening.

I also loved seeing the sky colors change as the sun set.  

I don’t do this very often but I think I should begin this nightly routine. It’s a good way to end the day. I also liked watching my fit bit tally up the steps from block to block.  And the best part was that when I came home, the kitchen was clean!! Oh I love my family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  

Night light.

Good night.   Sleep well. Rest.

San Diego Sunset

This is a gift for you. A moment to pause and rest and see the beauty that is yours and mine amidst the chaos.

I am tired. It’s been a busy, fun, stressful, fulfilling and exciting week and we still have vacation time, Christmas and New Year’s to celebrate over the next two weeks. Find time to rest, hydrate and exercise my BeLoveRs and keep shining and sharing your love!! xo


Do you ever rest? Just take a day off with no plans and just rest and do whatever you feel like doing without any obligations?

Today was like that and I have to say I actually liked it more than I thought I would.  I don’t actually sit still, but not having a scheduled day to me is like rest.

In our fast paced society, I think it’s important that we’re mindful to slow down. And the funny thing is that as I slowed down this weekend, the longer the weekend actually felt.  Because we weren’t in a rush, there was time. Imagine that. Time for walks. Time for conversations. Time for a slow dinner shared with friends.

I sat on the couch and drank my first cup of coffee alone with the newspaper and enjoyed the quiet morning. Soon Jeff came to join me and Juliana followed.  She asked for us to go to church and how could I say no, even though I really wanted to stay planted on the couch. We got the boys up, ate breakfast and were out the door 45 minutes later. Going to church for me is sometimes like getting going to exercise. I don’t always want to do it, but never regret it once I’m there. I think we’re supposed to keep moving forward and doing what’s right, not what’s easy and there we find happiness. Do you agree? Going to church for me is a dedicated hour to sit still and hold hands with my husband and to admire my children and to be thankful. I like this feeling.

After church we went to ran errands and Charlie had baseball practice.  Jeff and I escaped for a walk downtown and to visit the local bookstore. I’m so glad we still have a local bookstore, as most of the shops have gone away. I love touching books and browsing the different categories, being curious about what’s new and interesting.  I had read about a labyrinth near the train station and we walked over to check it out. I walked/ran a bit of it and would like to go back another day to actually walk the entire thing, as I’ve never done that before and hear that it can be quite peaceful.
We had to get back in time to pick up Charlie from the field. While we were waiting, Jeff and I read from his new book he discovered at the bookstore:  Amsterdam, A History of  the World’s Most Liberal City.  The first few pages were enticing to me as I’m curious about the art of story telling and what makes a story compelling and interesting and keeps the reader engaged.  I want to learn more about this craft and to become a better writer.  I’m still learning.

Do you remember the fitbit I told you about? Well, the thing is still motivating me to keep on moving forward, a central theme in life I think. I was still only at 7,000 steps after our walk around downtown, so when we got home again, instead of cleaning, I went for a 3+ mile walk around the neighborhood. On my walk, I noticed that all the trees now have leaves again.  Winter is officially over and spring is definitely here. I love watching the seasons change and the seeing the new growth.



I’m happy to report that now at the end of the day, I walked 12,000+ steps, which is the equivalent of 5+ miles.  I think exercise plays an important part in the pursuit of happiness too… don’t you?  I definitely felt happy (ever) after.  😉


When I got back, I tagged along with Jeff and Charlie as they were running out to the store and I had to pick up a couple things for dinner. While at the store, I came across this magazine:  live happy.


I can’t believe there is actually a magazine on my favorite topic. Who knew?

We ended the day with dinner with friends and enjoyed conversation and great food.  Life is good.  I hope you had a good day and are rested and ready for the new week.

live well. rest. be happy.









I went to the doctor today and I don’t have a pneumonia! Phew! now back to living. He just ordered that I get to bed by 9 pm and get enough sleep. That has definitely been lacking and challenging! He said to just rest and drink lots of fluids. I also got the flu shot, and tomorrow I am taking the kids for theirs too. Better late than never. Have you gotten yours yet?

This has been your public service announcement! Stay healthy and rested and loved, friends.