The Best Part 

This was the best part of my day.

Charlie’s eye ball.

It was the best part because he was sitting right next to me as we watched Juliana play water polo and I had fun taking pictures of him. He was the one who took my phone and cropped and focused the new photo on just his eye ball. I loved his creativity and truly saw him sitting next to me.

I loved being at the pool with all my kids. I loved being in the sunshine and watching my kids play, while talking with my girlfriends and having my little buddy by my side. 

I truly loved this and was fully aware and present in this moment. Sometimes my mind is preoccupied, but today I was aware and thankful.

Again, I was missing Chase and knew in my heart that I needed to be grateful for all that is good and to be present and to enjoy my chaotic life. And so I did.

Life is good.

What was your favorite part of the day?


This is one of those yin and yang moments.

Sometimes a challenge is a good thing.

Other times it’s painful.

Sometimes a challenge is exciting.

Other times it’s scary.

Some challenges we fail.

Other times we conquer.

Some challenges make us feel happy.

Other ones make us incredibly sad.

Some times we know what steps we need to take.

Other times we are lost.

Either way, I think it depends on the power of our mind to succeed and it takes time – whether good or bad.

Success might look like mastery and it might look like acceptance.

I think both types of challenges require hope and strength and focus and work and discipline.

I think both types of challenges require us to keep breathing and moving forward, unless your challenge was to be still.

I wish you well with whatever challenges you are facing.

Be well, BeLoveRs.