This Is How

…I watch movies.  

I go, go, go all day and whenever I sit down to relax and watch a movie, my eyes close no matter what. I try so hard to keep them open, yet I fail. And in the end, when I open them again, I wake up to see the credits rolling. What a great movie!

Goodnight, my sweet friends. May the weekend bring you rest and peace.


Busy As a Bee

bee picture

After a stressful few days and missing my hike yesterday, I took a late afternoon break to go outside for a walk around the neighborhood. As soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk, peace arrived and I was content.  I had no where else I had to be, and nothing left to do in these brief few moments. I loved being alone, just wandering alone with my thoughts, my phone and enjoying this space. 

 I carried this calmness back inside and enjoyed the quiet moments again before chaos came in. Peace looks and feels like cooking to me. I peeled and roasted carrots with olive oil and rosemary and made some pasta to go with the sausages Jeff was going to grill when he came home. I made some jalapeno artichoke dip for us as an appetizer and just enjoyed being in my kitchen alone and also later with my kids.

Life is pretty amazing and simple when you want it to be and do the work!

How was your day? Can you believe it’s Friday again already??

Have a wonderful weekend, BeLOVErS!! You are loved!!


(Pop)Corn on the Cob

We stayed home for Christmas and are practicing the art of not having a schedule, which really tests my patience. My family loves it, but for me it’s really uncomfortable to not have a plan. I do find joy in that the day lasts so long doing “nothing.”  At 5 pm tonight, my day was full of nothingness and I was ready for bed.  Not really. But it felt like it. 

I did enjoy watching Christian pop his Christmas corn on the cob in the microwave and seeing some of the popped kernels still attached to the cob. Juliana wanted to eat it right from the ear.

I enjoyed the spontaneous moments and a morning hike with friends.  Jeff went to the store and planned and made dinner which made me very happy. He also did rounds of dishes today, so I didn’t feel like I was the only one cleaning up after everyone. The kids all helped with chores too, so this made the day at home much more enjoyable.

We had appetizers together and read and watched a family movie, among other things. I think it’s been good for our souls to not be over scheduled and committed and to just flow. We are actually relaxing! What a concept.

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday break too.


Cat Naps

I have been getting about 5 -6 hours of sleep most nights and today I was tired. Jeff just got back from a trip to Mexico and I left the house at 7:45 am to get Charlie to his event. We had been running the kids around to their sporting events until after 2 pm and had a list of things we thought we might like to do today. Jet lag and lack of sleep led us to decide to take an afternoon nap, which we rarely do.  It’s nice that our kids are big now and can entertain themselves but our fur babies decided they wanted to sleep with us. I think they were all asleep before I was.  
 I guess this is what you’d call a cat nap. Haha! I still can’t believe I have and love the cats, but it’s true that I do. I don’t even mind when they wake me up to play and snuggle because they are so loving. 
Do you have pets? I wonder what it would be like to have a dog.

Hope that you use this weekend to rest and refresh and recover.  Life is good.

The Night Walk

Tonight I escaped the dinner dishes and went for a night walk all by myself.  It’s good to have time alone and I sure enjoyed the warm evening.

I also loved seeing the sky colors change as the sun set.  

I don’t do this very often but I think I should begin this nightly routine. It’s a good way to end the day. I also liked watching my fit bit tally up the steps from block to block.  And the best part was that when I came home, the kitchen was clean!! Oh I love my family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  

Night light.

Good night.   Sleep well. Rest.

MRI and Savasana

Have you ever had an MRI before?  Some might find this procedure to be stressful. I found it to be quite relaxing.  It’s kind of like corpse pose, or savasana in yoga, just a lot louder and for a longer duration of staying completely still.  I pretended that my MRI was practice for my yoga practice – to stay still and not move at all for 20 minutes.  This was very challenging for me, but I did it and liked it!

I had to go in for my shoulder as I do not have full range of motion and it keeps causing me pain. I’m hoping that with the MRI, the doctor can determine what is causing my pain and if and what we can do to heal it. I’ve had to regretfully give up tennis and haven’t paddled in quite some time because of the pain these activities create for my rotator cuff, which makes me sad.  I have compensated though and found more time to volunteer, cook, do yoga, hike and to exercise in other ways.  I do not like having my movement limited at all, so this is definitely a challenge for me.

The technician that was helping me was very warm and friendly. He did a good job at making sure I was warm and comfortable and to assure me that I could get out of the donut shaped body tube with a press of the emergency button at any time. He talked to me once I was hidden away, making sure that I was okay, and then the loud noises began.  There are different frequencies of noises, so once I got used to the repetitive sounds, they would change.  I just focused on my breathing and relaxing and feeling thankful for the 20 minutes to be alone, laying down with nothing else to do.  Sometimes it’s cool to relax, even if it is for an MRI.

I had a pleasant medical experience tonight and hope the results are conclusive.



I surrender.

I am resting the best I can and doing 80% less at 50% capacity.  I just made that up, but that’s what life feels like right now.

I surrender.

I went to the chiropractor again today and really don’t like that feeling at all. I feel like I’m being broken and put back together again like Humpty Dumpty. I don’t like hearing that I have a “condition” that will need more work.

2015/01/img_4536.jpg This poster hangs in the office at the chiropractor.

I hope the physical therapy and massage will help loosen everything up and help me to strengthen and stretch the muscles and ligaments that are so tightly wound and pulling me out of balance. I like balance.

I am letting go of expectations and I am patiently waiting for my normal to return. It feels so weird to me not to exercise and not to be doing all the chores I normally do.  I am adapting and asking for help. I am accepting the break and slowing down, whether I like it or not.

One way that I can relax is by watching movies.  Today I went to see Imitation Games at the theater and enjoyed eating buttery popcorn in a high-backed seat that was really comfortable. This movie was excellent and very touching. I highly recommend seeing it as it is very well done and is entertaining.


Tonight I am sitting on the couch and am going to watch some recorded shows and read some magazines. I think I might actually enjoy this!

What do you like to do to relax and slow down?

I hope you are well and have a fabulous weekend, doing what you love with loved ones.


TGIF – Rest, Friends

I hope you all have had a great week, just being, giving, loving, playing, and working.

I am glad that it’s Friday and we don’t have to set an alarm for tomorrow morning.

Our weeks are so jam-packed, that I’m excited for our slower paced weekend, although the weekend is pretty full too with practice and games and dinner dates.

It’s important that we have some down time and create space so that we can refresh and reenergize and catch up.

How will you recharge?

Have a great weekend, BeLoveRs!!


Sit Happens

How often do you sit still?

I have to admit that this is hard for me, but today I sat and truly enjoyed the moments. I slowed down and I have to tell you, a strange thing happens when you slow down. The day feels like it lasts forever! It no longer feels like time is rushing by. What a beautiful thing.

I sat outside in the cold fresh air and enjoyed the first cup of coffee of the day with Michele. We made breakfast for everyone and then we sat at the table and watched the fog come and go and the sunshine sneak in. We sat and chatted and enjoyed our kids and her dog and each others’ company. We just sat there and relaxed, with no rush and no hurry. We had ideas of what we wanted to do today, but we let the day unfold and enjoyed the moments.

Sit happened. Life happened. And it was good today.

How was your day? Did you find time to sit and just be? I hope so!