Day 53: Summer

Jeff took Juliana out to practice her driving tonight, which made me happy. I love that she had time alone with her daddy and I know she appreciates his attention. I love when my family is content and together.

I sat down for a few minutes this evening, as I’m super tired today. As soon as I sat down to relax, my little partner came up and forced his way between my hands and my eyes, as I was looking at my phone, of course, catching up on social media.  He wanted my attention.

Do you see his paw?  That’s where it usually is. And if I stop petting him, he nuzzles a little closer. He makes me smile and helps me to relax.

But I can never sit for very long. I soon got up to tidy up, as having a clean kitchen always makes me happy. As I loaded the dishwasher and swiped down the counters, I looked up to find my buddies watching me again. 

Maybe they were telling me something, like they wanted some food? Or maybe they wanted me to go relax again.  I chose both options.

I’m thankful for my furry friends today. But Juliana is now asking for a dog…uh oh.

How was your summer day? What made you smile?

xo stay loved

Tomorrow I Will Rest

This is what I’m doing tomorrow.

I tried today but it was too hot. Tomorrow I will celebrate Sunday with a day of rest, after we say our early morning goodbyes to Akie.

I am looking forward to a day of no expectations.

What will you do with your Sunday? Will you rest? Will you work?

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you peace and relaxation.

Rest and Recharge

How did you spend your Sunday?

I hope you found some time to slow down and to relax before the new week begins again.

Our family is trying to not be as scheduled on Sundays as we are so busy during the week. We are open to play yet we don’t want to feel committed to responsibilities if that makes sense.

For example, after church, one of my BFFs came over to have lunch and to watch a chick flick matinee together. Jeff went to watch a football game with his buddy and the kids just hung out. This was totally relaxing.

We came back together later in the day to share a celebratory dinner in honor of Charlie’s presidential win for his elementary school, followed by a trip to the grocery store to bring home ice cream.

This is how we relaxed and rested today. What did you find relaxing? I wish you a peaceful week, filled with love, BeLovers.



Family Sunday

Oh the weather was beautiful today! The sky was so blue and looked unreal. The kids were all playing catch in the yard and were happy to just be home, without having to rush out the door.


When they saw me sitting on the ground watching them play, they came and climbed on my lap. I loved that!

I got to play some social tennis for a few hours in the afternoon and the temperature was 84 degrees! I was wishing I was at the beach with my paddle board, but still had a good time, even though it was pretty hot.

Jeff was home most of the day as he was smoking a brisket that took 9 hours to cook on the Traeger. Oh my gosh, our yard smelled so good all day.

Charlie had double baseball practices and Christian went with him to help out at the first practice and Jeff took him to the batting cages later in the day.

April and Steve joined us for a late family dinner. We laughed so hard playing Telephone around the table. I was so glad they were here to share the evening together.


As we were cleaning up, I checked Facebook and saw someone mention that the planets were clearly visible tonight. We saw Jupiter next to the moon and Mars behind us. Such a great day!

I am enjoying these days with the kids and Jeff and friends and staying close to home. Even though we are still busy, there are more moments of down time with not as much planned and I’m loving how we’re just flowing with what comes our way. Life is good.

Hope you had a good day! xo