Day 29: Summer

The nature center was open today on my hike. We walked in to explore since we could and were fascinated by the stuffed mountain lion, and snake skins, as well as other exhibits.

The docent was very friendly and shared many stories. I’m glad we saw the mountain lion in a museum like setting and not out in the wild.

Tonight I am tired and will leave without writing much more. Good night and hope you enjoy your weekend.

xo Adriana

Work Life Balance

I’m excited to share with you my journey getting back into the workforce after being out of it for 15 years.  Thank you Susanne, for that idea. However, tonight I am exhausted from doing it all and loving every minute along the way, so instead I’d like to share just the balancing piece.

I am working part time and Wednesday’s are my day “off.” 

Here are some of the beautiful and fun sites that made me happy today that I’d like to share with you.

Are you smiling yet?

Today was the best day, just like yesterday, and I’m sure tomorrow will be too. 

nAMaste and Good night, BeLoveRs. xo

Old Turkeys

Old Lovebirds

Yeah –  I just shared that moment of us looking like turkeys. We can laugh at ourselves. It’s okay. You can laugh too!

These turkeys were sitting on a fence as we approached today.

The other two smart turkeys were enjoying sitting outside on our couch, after dinner, while the kids cleaned up the kitchen.  That’s what I’m talking about!

Life is good, especially for a turkey!