Rain Walk

I am on a retreat this weekend and yesterday it was pouring rain all day, with high winds.  Part of the retreat was to go for a 30 minute walk on your own and to be aware of  your breath and what you notice. Some chose to walk indoors, while others chose to brave the elements.

I decided to walk in the rain and loved the entire experience, even getting soaked. I was so in the moment and loved all the feelings, sights, and sounds. I even splashed in the puddles and walked across the flooded labyrinth.  

I don’t know if I would have chosen to go out walking on my own in the rain and was thankful for the invitation and “permission” to create space in this way.


Life is good.


Welcome, Rain

It rained today in California and the sound and sight was beautiful. I even loved the blustery wind blowing all the leaves off the beautiful trees. 

Charlie was so excited to see the grass covered in colorful leaves and asked me to save them so he and his friend could play with them and rake them up. We have always played with the leaves and I love that he’s still excited to play outside. 

On my way home from work, I saw the rainbow that you can hardly see in this picture and it made me smile.  There’s something magical about rainbows shining in the gray sky.

These were some of my simple joys today. What made you pause and notice today?


Rainy Day People


 May showers brought out the umbrellas and joy today!  Luckily we closed the skylight and covered the outdoor cushions as we heard rain may be in the forecast this week.  I never would have expected it to have rained as hard as it did today. The streets were flooding everywhere and the rain only lasted a couple hours maybe, throughout the day.  I think at one time it was actually hailing!!

I love being surprised by the weather and then talking about it and seeing all the Facebook updates because rain is not normal in California, especially right now with the drought.  Everyone gets excited by it. Rain is a big deal and we need it so desperately.

I am thankful that we lived in Holland, where I became used to the wet weather and raindrops don’t worry me anymore. I don’t mind getting a little bit wet and I actually enjoy the smell of the rain on the asphalt, the sounds of the drops hitting surfaces and the sight of rain falling and splashing and creating natural, water art formations. The rain brings back great memories. 

Today I had fun playing in the rain and the after glow.  Here I am…with Juliana, playing and living it up! Goodbye rain, Hello sunshine!


Do you like the rain?  What do you like to do when it’s raining?

xo Adriana

Slowing Down Saturday

The rain came today and baseball was cancelled. This made me so happy. I like not being busy just as much as I love running around.

Instead of watching Charlie’s game, all five of us gathered on the couch  to watch Saving Mr. Banks. I loved this movie and I loved being all snuggled together eating popcorn and snacks and just relaxing on the couch with the shutters closed during the middle of the day. It felt like we were being sneaky and that we should be busy doing something else. But I’m trying to slow down and to not be so busy and I must say I love it, despite the initial anxiety I feel.  The movie ended and we had 30 minutes to get ready before our friends arrived for dinner. Everything worked out well and dinner and our company was fabulous.

I made crepes this morning with the kids and played tennis with Juliana before the rain came. This made me happy. Afterwards we went shopping for gluten free items as we’re trying this new way of eating to help Juliana with her joint issues and to help me be supportive of her and hopefully lose a few pounds. I had fun shopping with her, having her share with me everything she found interesting. It took me a few minutes to be patient with this, as I was busy exploring new items too, but once I relaxed and gave in to the interruptions, I felt thankful and grateful that she wanted to be with me.  She is amazing and I’m so lucky to have time to spend with her.

Jeff smoked a beef brisket on the smoker for 8 hours today. He made his own BBQ sauce too. The entire house and neighborhood smelled mouthwatering delicious.  I love that he loves to cook with me.

Life is good. Today was great and I am thankful.  How was your day? What did you do that was fun and enjoyable? Hopefully you had some time to relax and just enjoy all that is good. 


Rain = Productivity

The much needed rain finally came today and even though I was hoping it would arrive after 10 a.m., I heard the pitter patter on the skylight as I was waking up. My tennis practice was cancelled and I got to work, which actually made me happy too. I always love bring productive and getting things done.

I tend to exercise every morning and then run errands, prepare dinner, and keep the household chores under control. I usually don’t get to the bigger projects, so today with the gift of added back time, I decided to sort through the piles of papers and laundry and clutter filled baskets. Isn’t it crazy how stuff just piles up? So much for a paperless society. I don’t see that happening any time soon. I felt good about at least knowing what and where everything was and to sort and file all the papers so that they are more meaningful.

I finally called a friend I’ve been meaning to catch up with for over 6 months, and hung up our Dutch birthday calendar in our bathroom.

The laundry is all done, the floors got washed and the sink was emptied too! The junk drawers in the kitchen were reorganized too. Man, you can get a lot done when you stay focused, off Facebook, and stay home!

I think I like the rain. How about you? Does the rain change your plans? Do you like it?

Hmmm… Hope you had a good day.

Be well.

Day 261: Still in My Pajamas


ssshhh… don’t tell anyone, but I never really got dressed today and loved it. My headaches are still lingering, and it was raining and hailing out. I just wanted to nest and loved the stillness of my house. Good things come when you rest. I enjoyed a lazy morning and went to get a facial before lunch. I’m not one to spend a lot of time pampering myself, and its been years since I’ve had a skin treatment. Today was good.

I went to see a lady who works from her house. Not only did I love that she worked from her home and her charming personality, but the facial treatment she gave me was amazing and relaxing too. She shared stories about how she became a beautician and always wanted to be one since she was probably 3 years old. Her parents thought she should be something more. So she went to law school, but then decided to became a flight attendant for several years. When she started to tire from the travel, she ran into someone who worked in real estate and offered her a job. She then became a realtor for several years, got married and then had the opportunity to redefine herself again. She chose to go back to school and follow her life long dream. And here she was today, providing a service to me, in her gorgeous home office, happy as could be. Her eyes were smiling and her passion was quietly oozing out of her. I just loved her story and that she found her way.

While sitting in her chair alone while my mask was drying, I began thinking of what I wanted to be when I grew up. My dream was simple. I always wanted to be a full time, stay at home mom. I knew I wanted to be independent and have my own money first and be able to survive on my own, but my true dream was to be home one day. I had a successful career, made great money, got married, had my first baby, kept working, had a second baby, stayed home, and had a third baby to solidify my role as a full time, stay at home mama. We chose for me to stay home. So for the past 12 years, I’ve been living my dream, thankfully because I have a supportive life partner. I am content. I’m not searching for something more and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. There is this whole discussion about women leaning into their careers and taking positions of leadership. I love my decision and it works for our family. I believe every woman has to chose what is right for her, and what makes her happy should make her family happy. I know some women do not get to choose, and I hope they find peace in their situation and doing what might not be easy, but what is right for them and their family.

“Finally I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is to be what I already I am.”
-Thomas Merton

Here I Am. Namaste.


Day 90 – It’s Raining…So What?

It was raining a bit this morning so it was too wet to play my tennis
match, but just right for a hike.  Typically I would use the rain as
an excuse to hibernate, but not today.  Michele would have been so
disappointed if I wimped out. You see, she “made” me step out of my
comfort zone to hike in the rain once before, even before I knew we
were moving to Holland.  I would probably never have considered hiking
in the rain if it wasn’t for her.  Plus, I needed to see her because
we’ve both been so busy that I hadn’t seen my hiking friend since
before our Amsterdam visit.  So off we went, in the rain and had a
great non-stop chat and hike through Rancho San Antonio.  The trails
were pretty empty and we saw a wild male turkey preening for the
atention of three females.  Very cool. Thanks, Michele…  I loved
today with you and can’t wait to go again!! xo