The Simple Things

I went for a spontaneous walk today with one of my BFFs and these are a few things that made me smile, in addition to the three+ miles we walked and chatted the entire way.



I also accomplished a goal today by finishing a book that I began so long ago. It is hard for me to sit still and to read and today I sat for two hours this morning and finished it. This made me incredibly happy and proud and I’m ready to start the next one.

How was your day? What did you do or not do that made you smile?

We had friends join us for another raclette dinner and enjoyed the art of cooking and chatting and sharing. It’s late and I’m tired so it’s off to sleep I go. Sweet dreams!


Happy 2015!


This is our life right now. It doesn’t always go as we plan and it just is what it is. ┬áMy wish is that we can learn to adapt to whatever God gives to us and that we can find the joy or the good in every single experience.

I wish you peace.

I wish you joy.

I wish you contentment, whatever that looks like to you.

Tonight we enjoyed just being home together. We had a raclette party that I hope we do every year. Thanks to PB for introducing us to the raclette maker back in Holland. We prepared steak, shrimp, ham, pork belly, chicken meatballs, mixed vegetables, sliced french bread, and raclette cheeses from France and Switzerland and milder melting Fontina cheese for the kids.

image image image image

We had so much fun grilling, tasting and trying different combinations. This was definitely an experience we want to repeat and was so much fun sharing together.

I loved being home and not worrying about drunk drivers, plus it’s so cold outside tonight. I am happy to be home with my loved ones, wrapping up the old and welcoming in the new.

Happy New Year, BeLoveRs!  Thank you for spending some time together. I wish you love and peace and may all your dreams come true.

Think positively every day.


Be thankful.

Consider what is good in your life, despite the struggles.

Dream BIG and make bold mistakes.

Happy 2015!

With love,



Day 178: Joie de Raclette

I don’t know French, but what I wanted to share was how much fun it it was to share a Raclette dinner with friends. I first heard of this from Leanne Place and thought it sounded like fun, but was afraid of adding another appliance to our house.

A Raclette is a French word that means to scrape, as in to scrape melted cheese from a block of unmelted cheese onto your plate and to enjoy this with bread, vegetables and various charcuterie meats. We just melted the cheeses in little serving trays. I love picking and diping different kinds of foods, and I love to share them with others. It’s fun to play with your food, don’t you think?

Tonight we shared a Raclette dinner with some of our friends from school. We had a wonderful time and we didn’t want to leave, but after a long day of basketball, the kids were exhausted and were begging to go home and to bed! Pretty soon they’ll be begging to stay home and not go with us at all, so I’ll take tired for now! Happy end of the weekend.