Stuff and More Stuff and Finding Space for Stuff

How much stuff do you really need and why is it so hard to throw stuff away? And have you ever noticed how long it takes just to sort stuff to decide what you actually need and what you should pitch? That’s what we did today. Moved books and boxes of boring stuff that have been sitting for so long taking up space. We need to make new space for when our shipment arrives in a few weeks and we’re moving bedrooms and my office to make room for growing kids. This takes time and it’s incredibly tedious and boring. We worked on stuff all day and are still not done. I think it drove me a bit crazy.

I did so well with limited stuff when we moved away, even though I missed having the stuff around me like easy access to Sharpies and scotch tape, paper products and pens. Seriously? How many pens and pads of papers and sticky notes does one family need? I’m sure not as many as we are hoarding. And for some reason I don’t want to throw them away because they’re still good (and taking up space) and you never know when you might need them. How can I change my thinking? It just so happens that as soon as I throw them away, I’ll need them… probably not really, but that’s what I tell myself in order to hold on to the 5 pairs of scissors and 10 pads of post-its and the list goes on.

We sorted through 2 kitchen junk drawers, my office desk drawer, the craft drawer, shelves of books, the entire pantry, and all the miscellaneous cables, wires and old electronic items that we’ve been collecting over the years.

We’re sorting through papers and photos and just plain sorting and purging and categorizing.

Are we done yet? I wish.

I think the secret is to stop buying and bringing in more stuff. I’ll let you know if it works and if you have a secret solution or process that works for you, please do share! I could use all the help and space I can get.

Aaaahhhhh…. stuff it! 😉