Following the Light

I am fascinated by light and water. I wanted to go to the beach today and see the ocean, but the rest of the family was happy just relaxing at home. Even though I desired going out, I’m also happy when everyone else is happy and I’d rather be with everyone than be alone enjoying the beach.

So instead, I enjoyed playing cards with my sister for four hours, knowing we had no where we had to be and nothing we had to do. This was liberating! Today truly felt like vacation. Jeff read his new books, CJ played on the computer, and the younger ones were content just playing and hanging out together. We went for a bike ride and the kids played in the park, appreciating the warm air and bright, California winter sunshine.


Around 4pm, we decided to get dressed and to go watch the sunset. We all loaded up in the car and ended up following the light through Silicon Valley, down through Half Moon Bay, and ending up in San Francisco. In the end, I got to see the beach after all. Thanks guys!!




I love this life, right now. And happy birthday to my BFF!!

Day 138: Rituals

I was driving today and inserted this cool little RITUALS air freshener into my air vent. Patti Beth gave it to me as a hostess gift and I just loved the whole idea of it. It made me think of my daily rituals and what your daily rituals might be like.

First, isn’t it such a nice gesture to bring a hostess a gift to thank her for inviting you to her home? Not that she needs a gift nor does it have to be something extravagant, but it’s such a nice little ritual, don’t you think? The Dutch are very good at bringing flowers when they come to your house for a visit. I love this ritual, don’t you?

Another ritual I am loving right now is playing cards with my mama. She just got back from a trip to Italy and I’ve missed playing cards with her. I’ve been buying her cards from the different cities we visit and this deck was from our Rome trip together. I love her hands and her charm bracelet. But her beating me all the time, that’s getting old!

What are some of your favorite rituals? Do you send out holiday cards – either before or after the new Year or not at all? I love this ritual and hope to get ours out this year. And I’m loving receiving your cards too! Thanks, my friends!!

Day 63 – A little bit of this and a little bit of that


I’m not too busy! That’s my new motto. Today I found my newest card partner and I’m so excited! Playing cards is one of my favorite summer past-times and today we broke out the cards. Little does she know, she’s in for a challenge!  😉

Today I played tennis, talked with my new friend and expat consultant and gathered a few tips, cooked a savory family dinner that the kids loved, helped with math homework, took two kids to sports practice, and talked with an international moving consultant. I washed dishes and folded and put away laundry and decluttered the castle. I helped two new Stella & Dot Stylists and helped a Stella & Dot customer with her order. So that’s just a little bit of this and that from my non-busy day!  Now it’s time to go relax, and look… it’s not even midnight yet!!  Life is good!