Beach Remedy


I finally got to the beach today with my traveling volleyball team.

Every few months we travel to play on the sand instead of the grass and today was the perfect day.

We played a few rounds of volleyball and then stopped to celebrate Stacey’s birthday. Dana always makes the best homemade cheesecake.


After warming up on the court and getting all sandy, we headed to the water for some paddling and body surfing. It was mind over matter for me, which allowed me to not worry about getting cold and wet to pass through the small waves to get out to the open sea. I loved paddling in the sunshine and seeing sea lions popping up next to me. It was a warm and gorgeous day. I need to get a GoPro to take pictures from the water.


After paddling for 40 minutes, I shared my board with Debbie and Norine. But first I had to paddle into shore and decided to try surfing in, unsuccessfully! Lucky for me, Stacey caught the glorious moment on my iPhone! Thanks for the laugh, and lunch and cake and friendship!!


Life is good.


What’s your favorite form of exercise?

How often do you work out? And for how long? Do you make exercise a priority?

Some people I know exercise every day. Others, not at all. And some just sometimes. Are all sets happy? Yes, I think so. It makes me curious why some people feel like they HAVE to exercise, some don’t want to at all and others are happy either way.

I love exercise just because I love it. I am happy whether I do or don’t and don’t feel like I have to exercise to be happy. The opposite is true for others and I find this fascinating.

I choose to exercise because I enjoy the social and fitness aspects of it. I do a mix of group and individual sports and am happier when I’m working out with friends and sharing that social component. I learn so much from my friends and feel like when we’re exercising and chatting, we’re sharing an experience and time together, and are figuring life out and it makes it all a little sweeter.

Why do you workout? What do you do? Do you switch things up or stick to one or two things?

Today I ran 3 miles alone and then later walked with a friend. Yesterday I did a power yoga group class and tomorrow I will play tennis with friends. All of these forms make me happy. I feel like I exercise because it’s the right thing to do and I want to stay fit, strong and healthy, and to be a good role model to my kids. I don’t think I lose any weight from working out, but maybe that’s more because my eating habits are out of whack! I’m working on those too, but that story is for another post.

Good night. xx