Discovery Bay

As soon as I get near water, I relax and feel happy.
Put me on top of one of my boards and I’m giddy.

Watching my kids enjoy the water with me, and I’m ecstatic!

I was happy today being with family and friends on Discovery Bay. Thank you Marcia and Rob, Pat and Chuck for sharing this experience with us.

Life is good. Today was great!


Day 65: Planning


Jeff came home safely from Amsterdam and was able to stay awake until 7 pm. I made a pot of yellow Thai curry and we all enjoyed a family dinner together. The kids were very hyper today and overly excited I think, driving me a bit crazy!!

Jeff was showing them pictures of the new house. They began arguing over who would get each room and we all seemed to have different opinions. I began to make a list of things we might want to bring with us to the new house, hoping to leave as much behind as possible. I thought CJ would want to bring all his Legos, but instead he surprised me saying he didn’t really play with them anymore. When did that change and how did I miss it? I think the PS3 and Minecraft have replaced his Legos.

J said she’d bring the flag pendant from her room and maybe some art supplies, along with my old Miss America Barbie and the Dutch doll that sits on her shelf.

C will want to bring his cars and stuffed animals and all his sports gear, I’m sure.

And for me, I want to bring my Stella & Dot collection, my paddle board and my tennis racket, my Kindle and iPhone and Mac, along with my measuring cups and spoons and a few photo albums. I guess that tells you what I love.

Tomorrow I plan to confirm the taco truck guy for our going away party, and book Laser Quest for C’s birthday party. It’s all coming together, slowly but surely. So much to still do in 65 days and I want to do it all!