Central Coast – Avila Beach

We felt like we had the beach to ourselves today. The sun was shining and there wasn’t any wind. We were lucky to have nothing to do. I love this sleepy little town.

We dipped our toes in the ocean and walked along the sandy shore. We loved the feeling of the million little rocks under our feet and seeing how the high tide created a mini-pool higher up on the beach.




Some of us built rock art and others played three flies up. We walked in the little shops and admired creative sand sculptures.

I’m so glad my parents came to spend some time with us, doing “nothing” together and being perfectly content.

Life is good.



Day 88: Fun at the Amsterdam Marathon

My mom and I had so much fun dancing on the sidelines of the Amsterdam marathon today, cheering on the runners. The music was loudly playing and we had balloons, a large, Dutch flag, American flags and British flag themed umbrellas we were twirling and waving around. Can you imagine how much fun we were having, being silly and loud? Too bad the video clip was too long… but it sure was good!  I laughed, at least! Can you see me laughing?? 😉

The runners were so happy and were giving us high fives and cheers and smiles and were waving their hands up in the air with us. There were over 30,000 runners from several different countries, but we all smiled in the same language.

We were there to support Becky and Anthony and were so excited to see them run up to us. Jeff is so good with maps and we had an app with their race numbers to track where they might be on the route. We were having so much fun anticipating their arrival that we forgot how cold it was outside. At least it wasn’t raining, and we were successful finding each other.


After the race, we hosted a family dinner at our house for 20!! My mama and I cooked together yesterday and prepared and served everyone today, along with help from Dad and Jeff.

Her special spaghetti sauce was a hit, as always! It’s so nice to have her and my Pops home with me! Salud!! xo


Day 85: Family Time

Char was sick last night and was up from 12:15 am to 5:30 am! I kept him home from school today and I think he’s definitely recovering. I think he actually loved having his Oma and Opa all to himself. I hope he was just having growing pains and we can sleep tonight! Poor little guy. He’s been fine all day, so I’m praying for a restful night! Today we took it easy, hanging out and baking and cooking and went out for a short while. So far no signs of jet lag from mom and dad. All is good!20121018-203404.jpg




Making bread

Painting nails

Day 84: Oma and Opa


My mom and dad arrived safely today from California. I loved waiting for them just outside the customs gate, watching the shaded doors opening and closing revealing the grand entrance of all those departing the plane. I felt the doors were like wrapping paper and you’d be surprised who you would find as the paper came off. I loved watching a mama reunite with her baby, and a man who just climbed Kilimanjaro be showered with champagne and flowers and a banner announcing his accomplishment. All this entertainment, while waiting for my gifts!! I had the same giddy feelings of joy and happiness seeing my mom and dad walk through the doors too! We are so lucky they are here to visit, and it feels like home!

My dad has never been to Europe before and I just want to take him everywhere and show him the world! And hearing my mom speak Dutch to my neighbors, and translating for me in the stores, and reading the local newspaper in Dutch out loud to me is so cool! How lucky am I that I get to have them here for two months?? Some people think that’s a long time. I’m already dreading the day they have to leave…so I’ll get back to living in the moment and just enjoy every minute with them.

Day 4: Joy & Gratitude

20120721-193336.jpgToday was an open day meaning we didn’t have much of a schedule. I checked our to do lists and everything we need to do for this move is almost done. There are a few things left but I can finish these on Monday and Tuesday. So I got to relax and enjoy the morning with friend’s dropping by unexpectedly.

Yesterday when we were at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, I was looking out at the ocean and thinking about how I could bring my paddle board out one more time. Could it be possible??? How could I do it without my van and racks to carry my board to the beach?

When we came home, I eyed my dad’s truck with his kayaks on top…. And of course my brain started dreaming…

I love when dreams come true! My dad found a way to add my board to his kayaks and we had time to go play. I love that my parents are so cool and are still spoiling me and my kids! We had an awesome late afternoon in Santa Cruz. I Am Happy!





Day 6: Oma and Opa Arrived


Oma and Opa arrived today to stay with us until we leave. We get to sit and drink coffee together and cook and clean and shop and play sudoku.

We have big plans! Like finishing up packing and paperwork and cleaning out the garage and going to the goodwill and maybe kayaking and paddle boarding one more time!

I’m going to enjoy every minute.