Sticky Resolution?

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution or two or choose One Word to focus your life?  If so, it’s been 2 weeks and a day since the turn of the year and I was curious how you’re doing so far.

Here are a few things that help us keep our resolve, thanks to Karen and her wonderful program this week about this topic:

1. Make them actionable.  It’s great to have a big goal and then break it down into the “how to” parts to make it actually work.

2. Set up reminders in your calendar so that you practice the things that are important to you.

3. Find supportive friends and hang out with them and share stories related to your goals.

4. Read about the topics you are interested in and become knowledgable.

5. Immerse yourself.  Make sure you’re choosing to change for you and not for someone else. Dive in.

6. Write down your thoughts and resolutions. Seeing them in writing makes them real and more sticky.

7. Spend money to achieve your goal.  It feels like you’re paying for your success when you put money out.

8. Does your resolution make you happy? Do the work it takes if it does.

9.  What steps do you need to take to meet your goal? Are you setting up an action plan that is doable?

10.  What’s your path to success?

11. Focus on the process and not just the end goal. Start over again and again even if you mess up.

12. Know how to handle pitfalls and distractions. Have an action plan for recovery.

13. Be gentle with yourself.

14. Be specific.

15. Plan.

16. Want it.

17. Commit to it.

18. Take action.

19. Reevaluate.

20. If you fall, get back on track.

21. Enjoy the journey.

My resolutions were to stop swearing and to accept people as they are without judgment.  I’ve cleaned my potty mouth probably by 50% or more and it feels really good. When I slip up, it feels really weird and I don’t like it. It makes me want to start over and try again, so that’s working for me.

As for the accepting people where they are at, this is awesome. I’ve changed the way I react to changes and unexpected surprises and this is so liberating. I love this feeling and it makes me happy so I will continue practicing this.

And finally for my one word, togetherness, I’m loving this choice. I’ve written it down on our kitchen chalkboard and I think about it every time I walk by.

I notice the moments of togetherness and feel fulfilled.

I am enjoying this new year’s journey and hope you are too, wherever you are and with whatever you’re choosing to be.


One Word

If you were to pick one word to represent your hopes and desires for this new year, what would you pick?

Last year my theme was “let go” which is actually two words, but I came back to these ALL the time. Whenever I lost my focus, I would remind myself to let go and adapt and to accept what was presenting itself to me. I practiced letting go of expectations that stood in the way of my ability to feel joy. By letting go, I freed myself to be ok with what was and not what I was hoping for if that makes any sense. By letting go, I let other people be too. It allowed me to release judgement which was strange and liberating at the same time. Of course, I wasn’t always good at this process, but when I was, it worked to create happiness not only for myself but also for the person who was “disappointing” me.

For example, I let go of the expectation that my husband would be home at a given time. I let go of the need to receive acknowledgement from texts right away and didn’t feel like the other person was ignoring me. I was patient and let go of the imaginary expected time they had to respond. This is liberating! When friends had to change plans at the last minute, I let them do what they needed to do without expressing any regret and made other plans. I think the ability to let go and adapt are critical skills to enabling our happiness.

The year before my word was “flow.” I wanted to learn to flow with whatever came my way and to be less controlling. This worked wonders for creating inner peace. I share these ideas in case they might ignite a spark in you too.

This year I’ve chosen my word to be “togetherness.” I want to be present and enjoy my time with my family and close friends, and put my phone down more often than not.

My challenge is finding the experiences that all 5 of us might be interested in sharing at the same time, which gets more challenging as everyone gets busier. I also want to be more flexible and organic in allowing life to flow and to live in the moment without having to “do” anything, if that makes any sense.

Some of the things we like to do as a family include: driving, going to the beach, barbecuing, traveling, seeing new places, going out to eat, visiting friends, cooking together, tailgating and watching sporting events, entertaining, watching tv, playing on our phones and sharing stories, taking pictures, and hanging out with each other, friends, and family.

What is your word or two that summarizes some of your goals this coming year?

Happy New Year 2015!

New Year’s Resolutions

Are you starting to think about what you’d like to do or change in the new year?

Do you have any new goals or ambitions?

I’ve begun to think about these and have a couple ideas.

I’m wondering if I write them out loud, if it’ll help make them stickier.

I have two right now.

My first one is to clean out my mouth. I have a potty mouth and it would probably be good for me to give it a good sweep. I don’t know why I like to swear, but it isn’t pretty. On one level, it feels like a big release to me. When I swear, I think it let’s the frustration out. But then I feel badly for saying bad words and being a bad example. So I’m going to try being more polite this year.

My second goal is to meet people where they are at. I tend to have high expectations of my friends and loved ones. I get disappointed easily and sometimes only see my point of view and struggle to understand why others act the way they do when I think their behavior is different than what I expect. This is dumb! I want to be able to accept whatever people have to offer and not judge. I want to see things from their perspective and be more open and accepting of what is so that I can enjoy their gifts and time shared with me instead of wondering why they don’t do what I want them to do. I’ve begun practicing this one and I love the results so far. Being accepting and not judging is awesome for everyone and creates stronger connections. I love this.

So what about you? Wanna share what you’re thinking about for next year?

Happy New Year in two more weeks!!